Exclusive: Positivo Partners To Offer Insurance And Extended Warranty


Exclusive: The service also has a guarantee that is complementary to that offered by the Brazilian company and can be hired by those who buy devices such as notebooks, desktops, all-in-one computers, cell phones and tablets.

In addition to the Positivo brand, whoever buys VAIO, Compaq and 2 AM electronics will also be able to purchase the benefits from today. Despite not disclosing the amount charged for coverage, the company guarantees the “lowest price on the market”.

According to the company, the warranty offers protection against functional defects, covers electrical damage, lasts 12 months and also covers repairs with new parts or components and specialized labor. In some cases, it also guarantees the replacement of the defective device.

Coverage for accidental damage can be repaired or replaced, this second in case of impossibility of repair due to drops or spillage of liquids, for example. In the case of insurance against theft and theft, it offers the replacement of the equipment.

Why take out insurance?

Marcos David Santos, Director of Operations at Positivo, explains that the partnership with the insurance company Assurant aims to increase the brand’s portfolio and responds to a change seen in the market during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Currently, we still have a lot of people working exclusively in the home office model, but soon we will return to a hybrid scenario, where people will work from home in a few days, then in-company or in coworking environments. Because of that, equipment like the notebook gained even more mobility, which made an insurance and warranty coverage essential”, he argues.

The executive says that Assurant was chosen precisely because of the company’s recognition in the market and the price it can offer to consumers. He says that as Positivo serves customers of all classes, the competitive value of the service was a defining factor.


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