Exclusive clip: watch how Shiney and Thunder fail their big mission in the series “Supergiant Robot Brothers” from Netflix


Get ready to embark on a bunch of wild adventures with Shiney and Thunder! The upcoming Netflix animated series “Supergiant Robot Brothers” tells about two (supergiant) robot brothers and sisters who unite to protect the Earth from space monsters, as well as overcome their own sibling rivalry.

The action-filled show was created by the directors of “Love, Death and Robots” Victor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres and will be released on the streamer on August 4, 2022. with their covert attack due to electromagnetic fields affecting their system. Due to the fact that their system is faulty, they cannot proceed with their mission, and everything goes terribly wrong.

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The 10-episode 3D animated series is produced by Maldonado and Torres along with showrunner Tommy Blachey and Steve O’Brien and Jared Massa from Reel FX Animation Studios. The show is directed by Mark Andrews, best known for his work on animated favorites “The Incredibles”, “Cars” and the Academy Award-winning Pixar film “Braveheart” with a main cast that includes Eric Lopez as Shine, Chris Diamantopoulos as Thunder, Marisa Davila as Alex Rose and Delbert Hunt as Creed.

Reel FX Animation Studios recently teamed up with Netflix to create the animated comedy Back to the Outback. The film takes place in a wildlife park in Australia and tells about a group of seemingly dangerous creatures that escape from the reserve. The film boasts a stellar cast including Isla Fisher, Tim Minchin, Guy Pearce, Keith Urban, Jackie Weaver and others.

Despite reports that Netflix is dropping its animated and family content, Super Giant Robot Brothers is one of many new animated streamers releases in August. Additional upcoming projects will attract the attention of both nostalgic viewers and those who crave new coverage, including “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie” (August 5), “Deepa and Anup” (August 15), “He-Men and the Masters of the Universe” (August 18). and the Lost Ollie on August 24.

The synopsis of Super Giant Robot Brothers reads: “As soon as the quarrels stop, the battle begins! The robot brothers Shine and Thunder, as well as their inventor-prodigy, must protect the Earth when space monsters attack.”

Super Giant Robot Brothers will premiere on August 4, 2022 on Netflix.


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