Exciting trailer for the movie “Runner” [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant can exclusively present the trailer of the upcoming action movie “Running”, which will be released in theaters on August 19, and in digital format and on demand — on August 23. Jason Chase Tyrrell plays a novice Eduard Philipponne as a school drug dealer who has a lot of worries.
Filipponnat (who recently caught everyone’s attention at the Gucci House) plays Aiden, a student with a booming drug business who seems to have everything. But he could lose everything, from money and a car to a girlfriend and freedom, as soon as his mother turns him in to the police. Detective Wall (Cameron Douglas) makes Aiden an offer he can’t refuse: frame a dangerous dealer known as a Local legend (Eric Balfour, from “The Offer” and “The Customer is Always Dead”), or face trial as an adult and go to jail.
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In the exclusive first preview of the “Runner” trailer from Screen Rant, viewers see Aiden live up to his name and run away from the police before being cut off by a police car. The montage of Aiden’s life is juxtaposed with an impossible deal that Detective Wall wants to conclude, demonstrating how high the stakes are for him. Watch the full trailer from Saban Films below:
(Watch the full trailer on YouTube.)
Philipponnat, Douglas and Balfour clearly form the basis of the action-packed crime thriller “The Runner,” but the talented acting ensemble also includes characters important to Aiden’s personal life. Jessica Emley, Kerry Medders (SEAL Team), Naji Jeter (Spider-Man: Miles Morales) and Larissa Diaz also star in the film, and director Michelle Danner herself also appears.
The Runner’s poster can be seen below, further highlighting the difficulties Aiden found himself between. Will he be able to get his future back and not go to jail, or will a run-in with a local legend be his end anyway? The audience will know when the film will be released in August.
Saban Films made a splash in 2022 by presenting a selection of thrillers, detective stories and intelligent horror films. The year began with “The Legend of La Yorona” in January, followed by the psychological thriller “Chariot”, the spy drama “The Agent’s Game”, the action movie “There are no Saints”, the sci-fi horror film “Cryo” and the political dystopia “Deep in the Forest”. . Another upcoming Saban release is American Carnage, which will be released on July 15.