Exciting statement for the big bang from NASA


Nowadays, studies on space are accelerating, there are still issues that require answers. It has come a long way in NASA research for the big bang (the Big Bang theory), which has been a great curiosity since the past.

NASA plans to solve the Big Bang theory with SPHEREx

NASA, which wants to examine the Big Bang theory and the origins of galaxies, has reached an important point in the space telescope SPHEREx to be used in the mission. Stating that the mission has reached the C stage with its blog post, NASA stated that the preliminary designs of the observatory to be used in the mission were approved and the hardware and software are in the final design stage.

The space telescope SPHEREx, which is expected to weigh about 1.2 tons, has the dimensions of a compact car. The space telescope aims to create a 3D spectroscopy map of the sky in near-infrared light as a result of the data it obtains with equipment that will divide infrared light into component colors.

NASA, looking for evidence of the event that took place in less than a billionth of a second after the big bang, will determine how galaxies are positioned in the universe with SPHEREx. According to the data obtained by SPHEREx, scientists will map this positioning in three dimensions. In this way, he will be able to find findings about the formation of the Big Bang and stars.

Halfway through Phase C, the SPHEREx team will now try to complete the design and construction components within a 29-month period. After this stage, it is aimed to start working between June 2024 and April 2025, if everything goes well for SPHEREx.


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