Exciting Statement From Alien’s Iconic Character For The Fifth Movie


Alien (Creature), one of the most famous sci-fi series of popular culture, is once again on the agenda with its fifth film, which has been expected for years but has never come. American actress Sigourney Weaver, who brought the character of Ellen Ripley to life in the iconic series, said that producer Walter Hill showed him a 50-page script from Alien 5.

It has been 23 years since the last movie of the legendary science fiction series Alien, signed by the successful director Ridley Scott. 20th Century Fox made a deal with famous director Neill Blomkamp, ​​whom we knew from District 9 for his fifth Alien movie in early 2015. In the movie, which was announced to be a sequel to the original series, it was also said that there will be American actress Sigourney Weaver, who gave life to the character of Ellen Ripley.

We then received news that Scott would further expand the new Alien universe, which started in 2012 with Prometheus and continued five years later with Alien: Covenant. Alien: The third and last film in the series, which is expected to be named Awakening, caused the Alien 5 project of Blomkamp to be shelved.

In an interview with a magazine in 2017, Scott said about Alien 5: “I don’t think this project will come to life. There is not even a scenario that there is an idea with only a few pages. I was going to join this project as a producer, but 20th Century Fox decided he didn’t want to realize this project. It was okay for me because I had already shot Prometheus and was working on Covenant ”

During a recent interview, Weaver cited Alien 5, saying the producer of the iconic series, Walter Hill, was reading a 50-page script for the film. The American actress, who portrays the character of Ellen Ripley in the original Alien series, did not even share the slightest detail about the script, but it remains unclear whether this film will actually be shot.

Walt Disney, which bought 20th Century Fox’s entertainment assets for $ 71 billion last year, also included the production studio Mouse House behind Alien as part of the deal. As you know, Disney is not a studio famous for R-Rates (18+) movies. The desire to turn Deadpool, where blood and violence is at its peak, into a family-friendly film comes from here.

In short, Disney’s Alien-specific plans are unclear for now, but bringing back the Ripley character, which we haven’t seen since 1997’s Alien: Resurrection, which is still considered by many to be the worst link in the series, can significantly increase interest in the series.


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