Exciting Patent From Apple: ‘Voice Command System That Guides The Car’


There has been a new development of the car, which is claimed to be among the products Apple will release in the future. Apple has patented a voice command system that will be used to steer vehicles.

Rumors that Apple will produce cars have been around for a while. In 2018, Apple analyst Min Chi-Kuo counted the car with augmented reality-assisted headset among the company’s future products. Comparing Apple Car to the first iPhone, Kuo said that this product can help Apple achieve the $ 2 trillion value it targets.

Allegedly, the Apple tool called Project Titan has been developed since 2014. Since then, Apple has filed numerous patent applications for car technology and has included executives from some popular car manufacturers, including General Motors, Ford and Tesla.

The new system will also detect gestures:
The new patent, filed by Apple, reveals a new technology for Apple’s driverless vehicle. The new technology allows you to give a voice command to the driverless vehicle. You say where to go with the new technology and the rest does the car for you; he even parks.

The new patent is titled ‘Driverless Vehicle Guidance Around Destination Using Target Signals’. The patent application was filed on August 2, 2019. In the patent, which was opened to public on January 23, 2020, you can direct a driverless vehicle via voice command, gesture and touch screen.

The most important part of the new patent is the voice command feature. For example, you will tell your vehicle that you want to buy flowers by voice command, and the car will detect the nearest florist and take you there. The command doesn’t have to be precise, it can be ambiguous, as in the case of the florist. The new technology ensures that there is a suitable target to complete the task.

The target of the system is not yet clear:
The patent also allows the vehicle to find the ideal place to park. For example, the florist you want to go to can be in a marketplace with multiple entrances. In this case, the navigation manager will identify the nearest entry point to the florist and park the vehicle in front of this entry.

Another example: For example, you gave your car a voice command that tells you that you want to eat Italian food. The vehicle will then automatically find an Italian restaurant based on its proximity, price, and history of your visit to the restaurant.

In addition to the voice command, the car, along with the new patent, will be able to use your gestures, gaze and touch inputs to get instructions. The example given in the patent in the patent is as follows: When you point your smart phone towards a parking space, the system will detect the location you show and park your vehicle there.

It is not yet clear whether Apple will use this patent for its vehicle or sell it to other automakers. With Apple integration, Apple CarPlay is available on many vehicles, but the new technology will require separate driverless vehicle capabilities.


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