Exciting Forecast from Famous Analyst! These 4 Altcoins Could Explode in 2022


The famous crypto analyst shared with his followers the top 4 new altcoins, which are preparing to explode in 2022 as the year 2021 ends and can help you increase your money exponentially.


He placed DOTPad first in the list of famous cryptocurrency analysts. DOTPad brings together the Substrate, Kusama, and Polkadot ecosystems, providing a unified crowdfunding platform for all things Substrate, giving future Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem projects the means to launch their development, grow their user base, and accelerate their development.

The analyst shared his predictions about DOTPad with his followers and made the following statements;

The full website is coming soon. This altcoin could potentially be your next 100x. That’s why DOTPad is the first cryptocurrency that can help you increase your money exponentially.


He placed PulseX in the second place in the list of famous analysts. The cryptocurrency, which was first released as PulseSwap, updated its name and updated its new name to PulseX (PLSX).

The famous analyst gave the following statements in his statements about PulseX;

“There will be low wages, no inflation. There will only be fees that cause the PulseX price to rise and supply to fall.

There is a lot of promise in PLSX and what has been done so far is just the beginning. This is why PulseX token is the number two cryptocurrency that can help you increase your money exponentially in 2022.”

The Parallel (PRL)

The popular analyst placed third place on The Parallel, an endless store of metadata. This cryptocurrency will also do something called superlisting and this will be done on PancakeSwap.

Analyst said about The Parallel;

The Parallel is the altcoin you can buy directly on PancakeSwap, and they also have the official PRL BEP-20 address at the top of their website. The Parallel will also have a super airdrop in the future, where PRL 55,000 plus $1,500 will be distributed to those who participate in the super listing event.

Also, The Parallel will allow you to start the evolution of an endless metaverse where people come together to create a world that develops endless social entertainment games and economic opportunities.

Users can enter a metaverse universe where creativity is limitless. One will be able to collect new materials and create any Paragon NFT.

SolChicks Token (CHICKS)

The analyst is finally following SolChicks, Solana’s premier play-to-earn game. SolChicks allows you to discover rare collectibles and get rewarded for your playtime through a detailed, integrated ecosystem while simultaneously leveraging the decentralized ownership power that cryptocurrency brings.

As one of the first NFT-driven gaming platforms built on the Solana blockchain, SolChicks has combined the best of both worlds into one INTEGRATED gaming platform, so you can now enjoy UNIQUE NFT collections and use them as main characters in an exciting virtual world.

The analyst made the following statements about the CHICKS token;

“CHICKS has dropped a lot but still gets a good volume of about a million dollars a day and SolChicks has a huge community and is trying to be Axie infinity on the Solana blockchain. This project may take some time to actually build.”