Exciting Details About The Screen Of Oppo Find X2 Revealed


Although there is not much information about Oppo Find X2, which Oppo will introduce in the future, new details have started to reach. The Oppo Find X2 may have a 120 Hz QHD + display, according to the sharing on Weibo.

Oppo, one of the names we have heard frequently in the smartphone market, will be with a brand new device in the coming months. This device is called Oppo Find X2, which is expected to have almost a flagship feature. Although we know a few things about the device, some important details still haven’t surfaced.

Although we do not have the details yet, it has been confirmed in a information shared by Oppo that there will be no camera under the screen on the device. But a new piece of information has revealed very important details about the screen of the device. Let’s take a look at those details.

Oppo Find X2 can have 120 Hz QHD + display option:
Where the screen details of the Oppo Find X2 are shared, Weibo, China’s social media, where we often get information about other devices. According to a shared post here, the Oppo Find X2 will have a curved OLED panel with a 6.5-inch resolution of 3168 x 1440.

So what would make this panel special? Of course, the refresh rate of 120 Hz, which we will see in the new generation phones. According to the sharing, we will see the refresh rate of 120 Hz in Oppo Find X2. But the details of the screen are not just limited to this.

According to the post on Weibo, Oppo Find X2 will offer its users FHD + and QHD + resolution options. It is also up to the users to choose between 60 Hz and 120 Hz. So if you want, you will be able to use Oppo’s Find X2 device with 120 Hz refresh rate on QHD + screen.

Of course, the reliability of the sharing in Weibo is at the same level with the rumors about other devices. Whether the battery of the device will lift such a load is another matter of curiosity.

Nevertheless, we can expect Oppo Find X2 to have great features. According to previous rumors, the device will have a Snapdragon 865 processor and 5G support. Although there is not much detail in the camera part, it is expected to have 50 W wireless charging support. So we can see a new record in wireless charging support.


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