Exciting Claim About GTA 6: Will Be Announced This Month


A share about GTA 6 was made in the “4Chan” platform, where significant leaks related to Rockstar Games appeared in the past years. The fact that this sharing gives a clear history about GTA 6 has confused gamers.

Until now, we have shared with you many claims and rumors about GTA 6, and in this news, we will talk about a claim that gives a clear date about GTA 6, perhaps for the first time.

What makes this claim different from others is the platform it is shared with. With this claim, we may have clearly learned the release date of GTA 6. If you wish, let’s go to the details of the claim without further ado.

The source of this assertion, which was shot through “MrBossFTW”, a popular channel with nearly 3 million followers, mostly about GTA games, is a forum site called “4Chan”. This website, one of the most popular forums in the world, is a medium where users share information anonymously. 4Chan also has an important place for Rockstar Games.

The reason why 4Chan is important to Rockstar Games is because important company leaks have arisen from here. For example; The announcement date for Red Dead Redemption 2, another popular game series from Rockstar Games, was revealed through this platform. Now, the announcement date of GTA 6 on the same platform has attracted the attention of gamers.

According to the information revealed by MrBossFTW, Rockstar Games will announce GTA 6 on March 25. The source that made this claim says nothing else. The source, which added the logo of Rockstar Games to its share, does not provide any explanation as to what it is based on.

Note: 4Chan is a completely anonymous platform. There is no such thing as creating membership on this platform. In other words, even if the owner of these claims wanted to keep his identity open, he would not be able to do such a thing.

The post on 4Chan looks like this
It is not possible to say anything about whether the claim in question reflects the truth. However, March 25 is not a very distant date. So we will soon know whether this claim is true or not. Let’s see what it shows about this claim?


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