Exciting Announcement from MoonPay!


As NFTs continue to be quite popular today, MoonPay, a payment infrastructure provider for crypto companies, has released a new announcement that will get NFT investors excited.

MoonPay Will Offer NFT Purchase Option with Credit and Debit Card

MoonPay recently announced that it will offer users the option to purchase NFT with debit and credit cards and pay via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, Faster.

The announcement that MoonPay went to bed with this morning comes shortly after leading crypto exchange Coinbase has signed a partnership with Mastercard that will allow users on its planned NFT trading platforms to make payments using a credit or debit card.

Normally, customers using NFT trading platforms like OpenSea need to use cryptocurrencies to buy any NFT.

MoonPay thinks its new product, which is already live, could triple sales for NFT merchants while significantly speeding up the checkout process.

“NFT trading platforms are currently limited to hundreds of millions of people holding cryptocurrency,” MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright said in a statement. “MoonPay’s NFT Checkout will make it both simple and fast for people to own an NFT, opening up the opportunity to billions of credit card holders.”

How is it working?

MoonPay’s new payment instrument supports NFT purchases on any blockchain, including Ethereum, Flow, Solana, and Polygon. When investors purchase NFTs with a card using MoonPay, NFTs will be sent directly to the customer’s crypto wallet.

Also, when purchasing an NFT, customers are subject to fees, commonly known as “gas fees” in cryptocurrencies, and customers will pay this gas fee themselves when they purchase an NFT with MoonPay.

What is MoonPay?

MoonPay, a payment infrastructure provider for crypto companies since 2019, has gathered more than 250 customers to date and continues to serve actively in more than 160 countries.

Recently, MoonPay has taken an active role in NFT markets with the launch of a concierge service that helps the rich and famous buy high-end crypto collectibles. The startup has brokered big ticket purchases for a number of celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, and Snoop Dogg.

MoonPay founder and CEO Soto-Wright wrote in an email announcing the launch of the new payment instrument this morning: “NFTs represent the future of not just our company, but the entire crypto community. NFTs provide digital ownership of collections in art, fashion, music and beyond. So NFTs are going beyond cryptocurrencies as a new form of money.”