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The discussion between Kevin and Randall on This Is Us stemmed from their disagreement over how the Pearson family, and Rebecca herself, should cope with their Alzheimer’s diagnosis but with the end of the episode “A Long Way Home” they are seen to finally try to make the peace.

In This Is Us the great dislike between the two begins because Randall wanted Rebecca to pursue extensive and experimental treatment, while Kevin wanted her to stay close to family and really live her life.

Although they have always reconciled in the past, after their last disastrous fight, their bond had never been broken more and This Is Us fans weren’t sure how they were going to get through the cannon between them.

However, after Kevin and Madison begin to have problems related to their need to travel for work, Kevin realizes that these problems parallel the problems that separated him and Sophie in This Is Us.

From his vantage point in this Is Us present, Kevin realizes that Randall was right at the time and that he could help him with Madison now. So Kevin calls Randall in the car on the way to the airport.

Despite the fact that Kevin calls Randall again in This Is Us and he does not answer, it seems that they are working on a proper reconciliation so it seems that it is time for their relationship to become something more mature and complete.

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