Exchange program for AirPods Pro started


Apple today announced a new utility program. For the problem of the active noise canceling feature of some AirPods Pro models distorting the sound, the exchange program begins.

Exchange program for AirPods Pro started

Apple has launched a new service program over the problem that a problem with the active noise canceling feature in AirPods Pro models produced before October 2020 disrupts the sound. Apple says AirPods Pro will be inspected prior to service to verify that the devices are eligible for the program.

The “AirPods Pro” earbuds or charging case that shows the problem (left, right or both) within the program will be replaced with a new one.

airpods pro değişim programı

According to Apple, faulty AirPods exhibit the following issues:

– Increased scratchy or static noises in noisy environments, when exercising or talking on the phone
– Active Noise Cancellation does not work as expected, such as loss of bass or increase in background noises such as street or airplane noise

If you are experiencing an error in these items, you can get comprehensive support by contacting the nearest authorized Apple service center.


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