Excessive Temperatures According to Scientists Will Threaten 1.2 Billion People

thermometer measures the temperatures rising

A research has been done about the future of the world in the USA. Researchers from Rutgers University have concluded that extreme temperatures will affect the regions where 1.2 billion people live in the future.

According to the report on Phys.org site, scientists from Rutgers University in New Jersey state predict that the heat stress that will occur in the future due to excessive heat and humidity will affect the regions where 1.2 billion people live each year considering the greenhouse gas waste.

Extreme temperatures threaten humanity:
The research revealed that extreme temperatures would affect areas inhabited by 500 million people if global air temperature increased by 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial period. It is stated that if the temperature increase reaches 2 degrees, 800 million people will suffer from extreme temperatures.

It is noted that in 2100, the temperature could rise 3 degrees and in this case the 1.2 billion world population would be exposed to the effects of extreme temperatures. The study also highlighted the effects of global warming and underlined that the world is now 1.2 degrees warmer than the late 19th century.

Global warming is melting glaciers:
On the other hand, global warming causes glaciers to melt rapidly and sea level rises. Sea levels are rising rapidly with the melting of the largest glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica. A study by the World Meteorological Organization revealed that 2019 is the second hottest year ever measured. In addition, it was recorded that, on average, 1.1 degrees warmer than 2019 before the industrial revolution.

According to the World Meteorological Organization’s 2019 Global Climate Status report, weather and climate events also have a significant impact on socio-economic development, public health, migration and food safety. However, tropical hurricanes remained well above average in 2019. While the Northern Hemisphere lived 72 hurricanes, the Southern Hemisphere saw 27 hurricanes above average in the 2018-2019 transition.