Excavation on SP highway reveals dinosaur fossils


Dinosaur fossils: A recent excavation on the Comandante João Ribeiro de Barros highway (SP-294), which aimed to drain rainwater, revealed something unusual: fossil dinosaur fragments, located 20 meters above the ground surface. The discovery took place at kilometer 623 of the road, between the cities of Irapuru and Pacaembu, in São Paulo.

According to information disclosed by the highway concessionaire, Eixo SP, the pieces were found in the works of a toll plaza. With the discovery, activities at the site were interrupted to make way for paleontological work.

Region housed lakes and rivers

Paleontologist Fabiano Vidoi Iori and biologist Leonardo Paschoa, both researchers at the Paleontology Museum Pedro Candolo, in Uchoa (SP), led the research. Among the dozens of fossil fragments, bones of the titanosaurus giants were identified – the “necked”, quadrupedal and herbivorous dinosaurs that reached about 20 meters in height.

The team also mapped teeth of abelissaurids, predatory bipedal dinosaurs, which reached up to nine meters in length. Other fragments collected indicate that, in the Cretaceous period (which lasted 145 million years ending 65 million years ago), the region was formed by rivers and lakes.


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