Ex-WhatsApp working at Signal comments on app growth


Brian Acton is one of the founders of WhatsApp, but ended up leaving the messaging app in 2017, when the platform had already been acquired by Facebook. Currently, the executive works as president of Signal, an app that has gained the spotlight during the privacy crisis involving the services of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

In an interview with Tech Crunch, Acton commented on the growth of Signal after the controversies involving WhatsApp. The app angered users after introducing a new data integration policy with Facebook, which will be mandatory from February.

According to Acton, Signal has experienced warm growth over the past three years, but the numbers have “exploded” recently. The executive did not reveal data on the use of the application, but as the platform stands out for its care for the privacy of users, the service managed to surf the WhatsApp problems.

“It’s a great opportunity for Signal to shine and give people a choice and an alternative,” said Acton.

Safe alternative

Signal is a messaging application that brings encryption and a great focus on privacy. According to Acton, the goal of the platform is not to be a new WhatsApp, but to offer a safe choice for users.

“I don’t want to do everything WhatsApp does. I want to give people an alternative,” explained the executive. “We are excited about conversations about online privacy and digital security, and people are turning to Signal as the answer to these questions.

Signal’s focus on security made the app fall in love with great personalities like Elon Musk, which ended up increasing the platform’s reach. Currently, the service appears in the list of most downloaded free apps on the Play Store in Brazil.

With the growth caused by WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, Signal now plans to increase its team to ensure support for all new users. According to Acton, the team behind the app is already looking for “new talents” and is working on improvements to the platform, such as a better experience in video chats and group conversations.


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