Ex on the beach: Why Season 6 will be different from the rest


In the MTV series Ex On The Beach in the 6th season there will be a different casting: instead of single reality show stars, couples and little-known people will be added. Many viewers know the famous MTV series for the fact that reality show graduates from various shows are placed in the house with their exes, trying to maintain a new relationship or revive an old relationship with an ex. There have been five successful seasons in the series when singles were brought to the villa at the beginning of the season. However, everything will change when the sixth season of the TV series “Ex on the Beach” begins airing at the end of this year.

Unlike previous seasons, when the series featured reality TV stars such as “The Bachelor,” “Big Brother” and “Vanderpump Rules,” the sixth season of “Ex on the Beach” will feature what they call a “civil couple.” During the screening of season 5 of “Ex on the Beach”, several commercials were shown opening the casting for the upcoming season 6. For the first time in the history of “Ex on the Beach” couples will move into the villa together with other people in a relationship. and their former partners.

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According to Distractify, season 6 of Ex On The Beach is looking for little-known couples whose lives have an ex-partner who doesn’t want to leave them alone. Now that little-known couples are involved in the upcoming season, it means fans won’t see reality TV stars in the cast; another first for the popular MTV show. The new season is very similar to the “Island of Temptations”, in which couples and single people check their relationships. The difference is that Ex On The Beach features their exes, not strangers.

Now that couples are involved in the show, it can mean more drama in the show than ever before. Despite the fact that civil couples are asked in the casting application, the producers of Ex On The Beach can contact the graduates of the reality show if they think they are suitable for the season. However, viewers should not get their hopes up, because it is likely that the 6th season of “Ex on the Beach” will not feature graduates of the reality show.

Because Ex On The Beach is so popular with MTV viewers, this new season may change the number of viewers who tune in to it. If the reality show graduates don’t show up on the show, who knows if any viewers will tune in every week to see the couples. However, there will definitely be drama, so if Ex On The Beach viewers want to see it from couples, then they will definitely watch the new season when it airs. There is no information about the release date of the new season, when it will be filmed or broadcast, but with the completion of the fifth season, it may take some time before viewers will see the new season of Ex On The Beach.