Ewan McGregor was horrified by his role as the real designer of Holston


Ewan McGregor admits that he was afraid to play the real fashion designer who inspired the mini-series about Halston. Adapted from Stephen Gaines’ book Just Halston, a five-part miniseries that aired on Netflix in May 2021. Holston received mostly positive reviews from viewers and critics, with many praising McGregor for his performance as the titular fashion icon. The series was created by Ryan Murphy, who is best known for his work in such shows as “Glee”, “Hollywood”, “Ratched”, “Politician” and others.

Halston follows the main character of McGregor, who is trying to become one of the leading names in women’s fashion of the 1970s. The show, like the book on which it is based, depicts a world filled with vivid characters and excesses, and Holston’s path to the top is bogged down in volatile alliances, complex romantic relationships and unrestrained ambitions. Despite the positive reviews, Halston’s family found the Netflix show “inaccurate,” claiming they were not consulted during the show’s production. In addition to McGregor, Halston’s cast includes Bill Pullman, Rebecca Dayan, David Pitt, Christa Rodriguez, Gian Franco Rodriguez, Siecka Rose, Megan Gerald, Molly Job and Maxim Swinton, among others.

In a new interview with GQ, McGregor admits that while he’s not usually intimidated by the roles he takes on, his role in Holston scared him. The actor explains that at this stage of his career, he is confident enough in his acting abilities that he does not consider many roles “difficult”, but shows that on the eve of filming in Holston, his wife, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, can testify to the fact that he “hammered bricks”. Check out McGregor’s full comment below:

“I never find acting something difficult. I’ve just been doing this for a long time, and I trust myself. Even before I did this, I was somewhat arrogantly self-confident. That’s not how I feel about a lot of things in my life. However, if you had talked to Mary, two weeks before I started Halston, I would have screwed up…”

Despite the fact that he has starred in films such as “On the Needle”, “Moulin Rouge” and many “Star Wars” films, it is clear that McGregor is still not immune from the pressure that comes with certain roles. Although it may seem that the actor is not one of those who is nervous about most of his roles, something about Halston was clearly different. McGregor does not specify what exactly made this role so frightening, but it is possible that Halston, being a real person, played his role. After all, playing a real person certainly requires additional considerations than a regular role, as McGregor is tasked with bringing to life a version of someone whose legacy lives on in the fashion world.

While McGregor may have felt that Halston was hinting, most would seem to agree that his performance was one of the highlights of the series. Some criticized Holston for various creative decisions made during the writing process, but in terms of working with the material he was given, McGregor delivered the finds. Currently, McGregor is scheduled to appear on the upcoming Everest in the role of the famous climber George Mallory, another historical figure, but it remains to be seen whether this role will be as difficult for the talented actor as his main role in Holston.