Ewan McGregor portrays iconic designer Halston in the Ryan Murphy Netflix Series


Ewan McGregor is putting on a make-up: According to Murphy’s Time diary profile, the Fargo scorer will shine like producer Halston for a long time in producer Ryan Murphy’s Netflix script collection.

McGregor remains the best known among his films like Trainspotting and Moulin Rouge, but he has recently been busy on the small screen. In the third season of FX’s Fargo, Ray and Emmit Stussy played as brothers and won the Golden Globe for the double event. He is also planning to include the Obi-Wan Kenobi position in a Star Wars collection in the works currently on Disney +.

The Halston collection is just one of Murphy’s many Netflix ventures described in the Time article: the producer producer may also be working on a 10-episode adaptation of traditional Broadway musical A Refrain Line, a documentary collection about leading artist Andy Warhol. Secret Love, a profile of a closed lesbian couple who came here in the 80s. Plus: “Jessica Lange and I are working on a game about Marlene Dietrich in Vegas in the early 60s,” Murphy tells the diary.

Murphy also broke some casting information: Patti LuPone (Pose) and Holland Taylor (Two and a Half Men) starred in Hollywood, the Netflix drama the following year, “May have a look at Hollywood and sexual intercourse, and because all the parts have changed and nothing has changed.” says Murphy. (Hollywood received a bulk order from the streamer in February.)


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