Evil Hunter Tycoon of RPG Genre Released for Android and iOS


SuperPlanet has released the highly anticipated new mobile game Evil Hunter Tycoon on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Evil Hunter Tycoon, an RPG type game, seems to connect millions of gamers to their phones.

Nowadays, people do not leave their homes to protect themselves and their loved ones from this global epidemic of COVID-19. People who have to spend almost all their time in their homes are in search of keeping them entertained. Now we will talk about a mobile game that you will love to play.

SuperPlanet, which has managed to gain the appreciation of the consumers with the mobile games it has developed, has opened its new game Evil Hunter Tycoon, which has been opened to the pre-registration system through the Google Play Store, through both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Thus, gamers can experience this RPG game on their Android phones or iPhones.

SuperPlanet thought of all the details when developing Evil Hunter Tycoon. In this game where you have to push all your limits to save a town devastated by monsters, you are trying to increase the welfare of the people in the town while trying to destroy the monsters that you will encounter. You will also need to train hunters to destroy monsters that you cannot defeat alone while trying to save this town.

Monster hunters of Evil Hunter Tycoon consist of 4 classes. These different classes have different characteristics and develop in the process. The development of hunters is of great importance to you, the town’s new chief. Because, as you develop hunters, it becomes easier to deal with more monsters, and as these hunters improve their levels, they have the opportunity to obtain rare items.

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Evil Hunter Tycoon is not just a game where you will develop monster hunters. In this game, you will also be able to participate in PvP battles where you can face other players, make discoveries to capture rare items, and try to defeat huge monsters sent by the “Dark Lord”.

SuperPlanet officials stated that they have developed a game that will appeal to the whole world and that they will continue their efforts to provide the best experience to all gamers.


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