Evil Dead: The Game showcases new content based on the 2013 film


The latest update for Evil Dead has been released: The Game, which provides content based on the reboot of the movie “The Sinister Dead”, released in 2013. One of the strongest Evil Dead offers: The Game for horror fans was that it would include content from the entire “Sinister Dead” franchise. He fulfilled this promise at launch, but continues his efforts after launch. The latest update was dedicated to the 2013 film The Sinister Dead, which “reinterpreted” the original 1981 cult classic directed by Sam Raimi.

Contents of the latest Evil Dead update: The Game includes a new map selection option in exploration mode, two new weapons in a syringe and a nail gun, a new mission called Weekend at Knoby’s, as well as a significant number of balance changes and general fixes. For example, the Necronomicon now has 5% more health to make it stronger, and cars will take damage per second during the Dark and Necronomicon phases, which is a key change to help the Demons in the final phase of the game.

However, the most significant addition to Evil Dead: The Game in the latest patch are two new playable survivors. The new survivors are Mia and David, characters from the 2013 film The Sinister Dead. David and Mia are a brother and sister who visit a hut possessed by a demon to try to help Mia overcome her heroin addiction, but everything goes wrong. These two are the main roles in the reimagining of “The Sinister Dead,” so fans of the film will probably be thrilled that they can be fully played.

The last part of the new content included in the latest patch is the Plague Peddler demon. Fans of the “Sinister Dead” will recognize the Plague Peddler as a demon witch from the movie “Army of Darkness”, who jumps into the air and shouts to Ash: “We will feast on your souls!” It is presented only for a minute or two, but it makes an impression. It is shown that her servant demons are pit demons, also from the Army of Darkness, and hooded skeletons for the main squad.

Unfortunately, there were some technical issues with the release of DLC for Evil Dead: The Game of 2013. At the moment, it seems that the “Sinister Dead: Game 2013” DLC package is not currently available in the PlayStation store. Instead, it is expected to appear from September 9. Similarly, the DLC has not been unlocked for Season Pass owners on Xbox. Saber Interactive is trying to fix this as soon as possible.

2013 DLC for Evil Dead: The Game, which costs $9.99 or can be unlocked with a $29.99 season pass, is the only way to unlock Mia and David as playable characters. The rest of the content in today’s patch should be available for free. We hope this will revitalize the Evil Dead player base.: The Game, which did not hold gamers to the extent that many had hoped for.

Evil Dead: The Game is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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