Evil Dead Rise: Director Announces Beginning of Filming with Photo


Evil Dead Rise: To celebrate the beginning of practical work with the film Evil Dead Rise, filmmaker Lee Cronin shared an exclusive photo on his official Twitter profile, in which he appears holding an electronic clapperboard. The production will be released directly on streaming HBO Max, with no scheduled release date yet.

The project is being directed by Lee Cronin, who also signs the script. His good performance in Netflix’s The Hole in the Ground secured an invitation from producers Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for the new sequel. The duo has been involved with this narrative universe since their first release.

The public’s expectations are high, considering that it’s been about eight years since anyone has watched a new product related to the Evil Dead. The new image gives fans hope that something new will arrive very soon.

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Evil Dead Rise: Learn about the new movie in the horror franchise

For a long time, several speculations related to the development of new franchise productions emerged. However, it was only with the debut of the 2013 remake that the public saw some advance in this direction.

Thus, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have been working with new possibilities since 2019, when they decided to tell a completely new story, focused on two sisters who would suffer from unexpected attacks. Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan were then cast to play these characters.

As much as the original protagonist Ash Williams has not been confirmed in the feature film, there is still no way to rule out the possible involvement of Bruce Campbell also in front of the cameras. Special guest appearances may be being considered behind the scenes.

If all goes well with the filming, the film could be released, without major problems, in 2022 on HBO Max. The Evil Dead franchise has shown its incredible ability to regenerate with viewers in recent years, having generated incredible productions over time.

In this way, fans can only wait for more news related to this project that promises more incredible moments to everyone. Don’t miss it!


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