Everything You Need to Know before the release of The Last of Us Part 1


Due to several factors, the preparation for the launch of The Last of Us Part 1 was intriguing. Leaked a few months before Naughty Dog’s official opening, fans had plenty of time to mull over the project in their minds. Ever since the studio lifted the veil on its PS5 remake during this year’s Summer Game Fest, it’s fair to say that the discourse surrounding these thoughts is still polarizing on the internet.

Remaking a game that many consider a modern classic has never been an easy task for Naughty Dog. Now that reviews of The Last of Us Part 1 are starting to appear on the internet, it seems that the studio has done a solid job justifying its legacy. While there have been questions regarding Sony’s decision to give the green light to a new version of the game released in 2013, it’s easy to see fans flocking to the game when it comes out on September 2. With that in mind, there are some things fans should remember. in memory as they prepare to re-discover the story of Joel and Ellie.

Improvements to the first part

Despite the fact that the term “remake” is often attributed to games that do not correspond to the true meaning of this word, the same cannot be said about “One of Us, Part 1”. In order to modernize and bring experience Along with the second part of the series, Naughty Dog has redesigned its PS3 game from scratch for PS5. Already from a cursory glance at the frames and parallel photos that were published, it becomes clear that this had a profound impact on the visual identity of the game. Everything from the environment, characters and lighting has been improved and has moved the generation forward.

For example, large parts of the environment of The Last of Us Part 1 have been rebuilt, so now they are more reminiscent of the vision that Naughty Dog originally had for the game back in 2013. It should be noted that the basic geometry of these places has remained largely intact, so players should not expect the verticality of Last of Us 2 to come into play. However, some notable improvements have been made to other parts of the gameplay, such as the updated HUD, which will undoubtedly make the game more fresh for many fans..

From the very beginning, it becomes obvious that Naughty Dog has changed the main shootout in The Last of Us, Part 1, so that it becomes closer to the experience gained in Part 2. Players will probably be grateful for this because of the studio’s decision. to simultaneously review the behavior of the AI in the game. Enemies are now approaching the player in more diverse and sophisticated ways, which means that additional planning and strategy are now an integral part of survival. However, one of the positive consequences of this is the fact that the player’s companions now also react realistically to danger.

Legacy of Part 1

Remaking a favorite game is not an easy task, as it opens the door for the original experience to be tarnished. Probably for this reason, Naughty Dog has taken clear steps to respect the original version of The Last of Us. For example, even though new camera angles were added to several cutscenes, the award-winning narrative that led the series to success was rebuilt in Part 1. The story of Joel and Ellie, as well as the addition “Left Behind”, are also included in the package, both are played out the way fans remember.

Only subtle changes have been made to several copies to better reflect the direction in which Part 2’s own story is moving. In the same vein, even the motion capture footage on which Naughty Dog built The Last of Us Part 1 is an improved version of what players saw in 2013. Despite the upcoming adaptation of the HBO series, the studio also made a wise decision. to leave the main cast of the game intact. Thus, players can look forward to hearing and seeing their favorite images of Joel and Ellie again, created by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, respectively.

Accessibility parameters of Part 1

By and large, the debut of The Last of Us on PS3 in 2013 took place not so long ago. It is for this reason that its authenticity prevailed in the Internet discussions around the Naughty Dog remake. While the studio has taken steps to justify its decision to rebuild the game for the PS5 with the aforementioned improvements, it may have been the accessibility improvements it made that did the best job of selling The Last of Us Part 1.

Thanks to the extensive list of options available in The Last Of Us, Part 1, it’s easy to imagine that the game will be available to many players for the first time. Working hard to make Part 2 inclusive, it’s no surprise that Naughty Dog took the sequel’s accessibility settings and built them directly on top of them.


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