Everything You Need To Know About The White Heart Emoji


Emojis are very popular among the written media. Covering half of the textual conversations, emojis are used to depict several feelings and emotions.

Among the most used emojis are heart emojis which now vary in many colors like red heart, white heart. While everyone mostly knows the meaning of the red heart. Do you know what white heart means? Probably No! And it’s okay! To not know. Because soon I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the white heart emoji.

What is the origin of the white heart emoji?

Under Unicode 12.0, The white heart emoji was designed in 2019. 

  • Some platforms have it in whitish-grey color to make it visible on screen.
  • Some platforms mark an outline around it for it to jump out.
  • On some other platforms, it is featured as an empty box.

What does the white heart represent?

The White heart emoji is made exactly in the shape of a red heart. However, it differs only in color as it is white or sometimes whitish-grey. People mostly use white hearts to show strong bonds, admiration, love, and support. Moreover, People also use it to compliment things related to the color white as white cars, white dogs, white clothes, etc.

How does the meaning of the white heart vary for different people?

Different emojis have different meanings associated with them. However, everyone has their own unique meaning for using them. However, there are some meanings of the white heart emoji common to most people. 

  • For some people, the meaning of the white heart emoji is affectionate and positive feelings.
  • Some people use white heart emoji when they refer to purity or sacred creatures like angels.
  • Some people use it while talking about the death of someone or someone who has passed away.
  • Some people use it for the meaning of kindness that has no impurity.
  • People also use it to talk about the purest form of love. Love that cannot end.
  •  People also use this to talk about love that bears the testing nature of time.

Where should I use the White heart emoji?

You can use the white heart for all the things mentioned above. However, if you still want to know some specific reasons. Here are some written below.

  • You can send it to someone whom you want to tell that you will always be there for him/her, for their rescue.
  • Your heart will always stay open without asking anything in return.
  • You can use it with anything to show your love for it, for example, you can use it with a bar of chocolate to show your love or craving for it.


Hearts are always used to convey positive feelings, emotions, or bondings. However, there are many meanings of the white heart for different people. However, everything you need to know about the white heart emoji that is common to many people are written here. Moreover, you should always remember that the color of the heart emojis (https://heatfeed.com/emoji/) can convey a lot. That’s why! Always be very mindful before choosing any color.


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