Everything you need to know about the reunion of the fifth season of “Sunset Sale”: when the premiere will take place and much more


Let’s have a drama! Chrischel Stauss, Heather Ray Young and other fan-favorite Selling Sunset stars are about to reveal their troubles at the show’s first special reunion.

Netflix characters will experience the ups and downs of Season 5 after its premiere on April 22. Along with Chrischell and Heather, Selling Sunset features Kristin Quinn, Mary Fitzgerald, Maya Vander, Jason Oppenheim, Amanza Smith, Davina Potratz and Brett Oppenheim. In later seasons, stars Emma Hernan, Vanessa Villela and Chelsea Lazcani joined the team.

Filming for the reunion took place a few days after Season 5 debuted on the streaming giant, and several actors hinted at the drama that would break out. “The longest day ever,” wrote Krischel in her Instagram story, telling fans that after the recording she “felt like I was spat out by a tornado.” “Although I love our crazy family.”

Heather, for her part, was joined by her husband Tarek El Moussa, who provided moral support during the viewing from the audience. “So ready for this,” she captioned a video shot in her trailer on this big day.

Ahead of the season five finale, Emma let fans know what might happen during the reunion. “You see a decent amount of what’s going on on camera, but a lot more is going on behind the scenes,” she told Women’s Health magazine in April. “People deserve answers. People are very keen on the show, and this is our real life!”

During the same interview, Heather said she was “thrilled” to be able to clarify the situation with her co-stars, especially Kristina. “I’m so sick of Kristin saying that my husband and I are calling the paparazzi,” she told the publication. “It’s absolutely ridiculous, but she repeats it almost every season. So once and for all, I want to end this and tell her it’s bullshit and get it over with.”

The former Playboy model said she also wanted to “talk about special moments” that viewers may not have seen. “I have been working in the office since 2014,” she added. “I’ve known many of these girls for so long that we’re family.”

Although it is expected that a lot of drama will play out between the women, all attention will be focused on Chris and Jason, who met during the filming of the fifth season. Now the exes have announced their separation at the end of 2021 after unveiling their romance this summer.

“It was an extremely difficult time, and I think it was a conscious decision that we didn’t film together,” Jason told Us Weekly exclusively about the duo’s breakup. “I was uncomfortable. I mean, it was a very difficult time.”

The two broke up after realizing they weren’t on the same page when it came to starting a family. Throughout the season, Jason struggles with the idea of becoming a father, which, as he admits, was not the main thing for him before he started dating a graduate of Dancing with the Stars.

“I’m still working through everything, you know, emotions and feelings even months later,” he told us in April. “I think it will be a longer process than I expected. …I’m trying my best, but it’s still a bit raw. And I think that the revision of the last episode, you know, made the situation even more complicated. …I still love her. I will always be. And she’s a wonderful woman, you know? As it is, there are just a lot of losses. It was a complicated process, much more complicated than I thought.”

Scroll down to find out everything that is known about the reunion of the fifth season of Selling Sunset:

When does it air?

The special will be released on Netflix on May 6.

When was this filmed?

The cast reunited on April 24, and Crisshell, Heather, Davina and others shared a behind-the-scenes look with their Instagram followers. “I don’t know if any of us are ready, but let’s go,” Heather said in the video before arriving on set.

Who will be the host?

The tanned France from Queer Eye was tapped to conduct conversations — and potentially defuse tension — between the actors.

Who participated?

It is expected that, with the exception of Kristin, all the fan-favorite stars, including Mary, Jason and Brett, will appear in the reunion episode. Newcomer Chelsea also gave fans on social media a glimpse into her preparation for the record.

A day after the reunion was filmed, a representative of the author of “How to Be a Boss, Bitch” confirmed that she missed the recording after testing positive for coronavirus. “Kristin tested positive for COVID, and due to precautions for the cast and crew, she did not attend the reunion,” a representative told us on April 25. “The producers offered her the opportunity to video chat, but she declined because she didn’t feel well enough to do it.”

Amanza was not at the reunion in person because she also tested positive for COVID-19, but she participated from home via video chat. “I did my own hair and makeup,” she told fans in an Instagram Story video on April 24. “I have to say that I look much better than I feel.”

Who is feuding?

During the fifth season, most of the cast is at odds with Kristina, who says she feels “intimidated” by colleagues after feuding with Amanza at a work event.