Everything you need to know about the prequel series “Bridgerton”, dedicated to Queen Charlotte


Going back in time! After the success of the Netflix series Bridgerton, creator Shonda Rhimes soon invested in Queen Charlotte (Golda Rochevel) on a larger scale.

In December 2020, the regency show, inspired by the novels of Julia Quinn, introduced viewers to the glamorous social life of London. At the center of the story was Queen Charlotte, a fictional character inspired by the real royal family that ruled Great Britain until her death in 1818.

On the eve of the second season, it was announced that Charlotte’s story would be the center of a new prequel series directed by Rhimes.

“Many viewers never knew the story of Queen Charlotte before Bridgerton introduced her to the world, and I am very pleased that this new series will further expand her story and Bridgerton’s world,” said Bela Bajaria, head of global television at Netflix. in May 2021. “Shonda and her team are thoughtfully creating the Bridgerton universe so that they can continue to provide fans with the same quality and style they love. And by planning and preparing all the upcoming seasons now, we also hope to maintain a pace that will allow even the most insatiable viewers to be completely satisfied.”

Later, Rochevel hinted at what fans can expect from the upcoming series, sharing with E! News in March 2022: “I can tell you that this is an origin story. So you will see a younger Queen Charlotte, I will be in her. At the moment we don’t have a shooting date, any scripts or anything else.”

At that time, the Dune actress noted that other characters from the original Bridgerton series would also be explored.

“I’m really looking forward to what’s coming out,” Rochevel added at the time. “We’ll still be in Bridgerton’s world. We are not leaving the world in which we know and love Queen Charlotte. I think it’s really smart because it kind of keeps us on the same path.”

The Guyana native continued, “I think it will be really interesting to see where she came from and what brought her to her in Bridgerton, which we know and love.”

Ajoa Andoh, whose character, Lady Danbury, will also appear in the prequel, noted that Bridgerton has already paved the way for friendship. “This relationship has long existed between Lady Danbury, Lady Bridgerton and the Queen,” Andoh shared with E!. “This will be discussed in the prequel. Shonda Rhimes is writing this, so it’s going to be awesome.”