Everything You Need To Know About the New Hulu Best In Dough Series


If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that the love of pizza is a unifying force in the food world, and the new Hulu show Best in Dough is designed to use that love to introduce viewers to a new delicious competition show. Hulu has had several successful cooking shows recently, and it shows no signs of slowing down the pace of releasing more delicious content. Best in Dough will be the first show contest of a streaming pizza service and one of the first cooking shows in the industry dedicated exclusively to pizza.

The show was originally announced as part of Hulu’s 2022 program in December 2021. Pizza lovers are still patiently waiting for the premiere, but fortunately, Hulu recently announced additional information about the series. Some of the latest details include judges, presenters, contestants, and episode themes.

The series promises to be an interesting new look at the classic cooking and baking contests. Fans are happy to see where things are going after the premiere of Best in Dough on September 19. Here’s what fans need to know about Hulu’s new cooking program.

The best in the Host test

The host of Best in Dough is the famous Bachelor Nation graduate Wells Adams. Fans of the reality show will recognize him from The Bachelor franchise. Wells was a contestant on season 12 of The Bachelor, participated in season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, and returned as a bartender in seasons 4 to 7. Although he hosts a TV show for the first time, he hosts his own podcast and two iHeartRadio radio stations. over the last decade. He may host a pizza show, but Wells stated in his original biography The Bachelorette Party that he is not a pizza lover, so viewers will be interested to see if participating in the show will change his mind.

Who will judge the pizza

The co-host and chief judge of Best in Dough will be the chef of Italian pizza and the author of the cookbook chef Daniele Uditi. He is the owner of the Los Angeles restaurant Pizzana, the forerunner of the ferment craze, and a certified master of Neapolitan pizza, recognized by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association. He will be joined on the jury by chef Millie Peartree, pizza-loving baker and writer Brian Ford, as well as influential cook and comedian Enuji Kim.

How participants win the dough

At Best in Dough, new entrants, chefs and pizza lovers from all walks of life will participate in each issue. There will be three contestants or teams of contestants in each episode. Each episode will be dedicated to a topic related to the participants, such as “Nonna” (grandmother in Italian), “Gourmet Cuisine”, “Influencers” and others. The contestants, including influencer and Masterchef contestant Ashley Mincy, will face several challenges in their episode and get a chance to win $10,000.

When will the show premiere?

The premiere of the first 10-episode season of Best In Dough will take place on Hulu. The first three episodes will be released on September 19, followed by three more new episodes on September 26. The last four episodes will be released on October 6.