Everything You Need to Know about the long-awaited return of Westworld in Season 4


It’s finally here! The fourth season of “Wild West World” will return to HBO after more than two years, and the series is still a mystery like never before.

During the explosive finale of the third season in 2020, viewers wondered about the fate of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in the series, as well as about the future of William (Ed Harris) after he was apparently replaced by a version of the Man in Black.

For the team that created the hit series, approaching the new season of “Wild West World”, you need to raise the bar. “One of the funny things about me for the show, when Lisa [Joy] and I talked about it a long time ago, was the ability of this show to change genres every season and the invitation to do it,” creator Jonathan Nolan. told The Hollywood Reporter in May 2020. “We felt like we got an open invitation to play, especially at this moment when television is constantly reinventing itself to create a show that reinvents itself season after season.”

At the time, Nolan stressed that the genre should change from season to season. “You have a western, you have a samurai movie, you have war movies, you have science fiction. There are all different versions of the future that you’ve seen in movies over the years,” he added. “We can play with it all and write a text about it all. So, the idea that the next season will be different in genre from the previous seasons? Yes, it’s an absolute part of the structure of the show.”

As for building the world, Nolan noted that a full vision has been planned since they started working on the show. “When we wrote the pilot, we had a glorious period when we felt we needed to come up with a plan. The story is very neatly divided into chapters,” he shared. “We’ve been talking about this from the very beginning. We’re giving everyone a little break, and obviously this is a crazy moment. We’ve been talking about [Season 4] for a long time.”

Despite the creative team choosing not to talk about upcoming storylines, Nolan teased that this isn’t necessarily the end of Wood’s time on the series. “We love Evan Rachel Wood. She’s an amazing, amazing actress. It was a real journey with the character. You have to be careful in a show where it’s robots and death is another thing,” he said, referring to Dolores’ death. “We got an idea of what it takes to completely kill the host. Because of the impermanence of some of these things, you have to be careful. But this character is no more. We love working with Evan.”

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Release date

“Wild West World” will return on Sunday, June 26. There will be eight episodes in the new season.


Wood, Tandive Newton, Harris, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth and Angela Sarafyan will return in season 4. The teaser trailer for the show also featured Aaron Paul, Jeffrey Wright and regular guest star Ariana Debose.


It is expected that the 4th season of “Wild West World” will tell about what Bernard discovered during his journey, about Charlotte’s plans for her host army, about the fate of William in the series and about the state of Maeve and Caleb’s new world.

The plan of the “Wild West World” from here

Joy and Nolan have previously hinted that they are interested in telling more stories about the “Wild West World” after season 4.


In May 2022, Wood could be seen in the trailer for Lou Reed’s Perfect Day, as her character seems to have been resurrected. Paul’s character Caleb Nichols was also seen in danger, while Bernard was surrounded by blood.

An unknown voice says, “This is a fucking wild place. I can’t believe this is your first time.”