Everything you need to know about the group members


Meet the TWICE girls, each one of them has curiosities and qualities that make them unique. JYP’s K-pop group has established itself as one of the industry favorites, with singles such as “Fancy,” “What is Love,” “Likey,” “More and more,” among others. Currently, they are promoting their new comeback “Eyes Widen Open”, whose title song is “Can’t Stop me”, which has already won its first win in Korean music shows.

TWICE has been gaining popularity, not only is it the most recognized girl group in Japan, recently, their new single was positioned at # 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, their first achievement was with “More & More” at 200th place. girls also celebrated their 5th anniversary a few days ago.

TWICE’s dream began with the survival show “SIXTEEN”, it was believed that 7 members would debut, but in the end 9 members were chosen. They debuted with their album “The Story Begins”, whose main single was “Like OHH AHH”, since then, They began to gain fame thanks to their catchy and cute style. Before its reality show, the Japan Line could have debuted as a subunit, but said project was not carried out.

Each of the members has a different and unique personality, some of them excel in their skills or way of being and have managed to get along very well with each other. Jihyo is their leader and is known to play her role very well. Regarding TWICE’s name, it is said that it is because they will make their fans fall in love twice, by the look and by the ear, in addition, the meaning of ONCE is because their love will be forever and they promise to return their support and affection.

If you want to know more about TWICE and become an ONCE, we leave you what you should know about each of the members.


The girls of TWICE have a great musical repertoire, without a doubt each of their ssingles have been very catchy hits.



She was born in Kyoto, Japan and belongs to the Japan line. Real name Hirai Momo and he measures 1.67
Birthday: Nov 9, 1996, age 24 (25 in Korean age)
Nicknames: Momori, Dance Queen Moguri, among others

She is the main dancer of TWICE
She is the girlfriend of Super Junior idol Heechul
It is said that she has a shy personality and is governed by the sign of the scorpion
Many K-pop choreographies are known
She loves food, even her motto is to train hard so that you can eat the delicacies of food
She caught the attention of JYP for a YouTube video where she dances with her sister


She was born in Tokyo Japan, she is from the Japan line. Real name Miyoui Mina and height 1.65
Birthday: March 24, 1997, age 23, (24 in Korean age)
Nicknames: Black Swan, Penguin and Miguri

It is known for its elegance
She practiced ballet for 11 years, hence one of her nicknames
She is very competitive and shy
It is governed by the sign of aries
She’s afraid of rides, so never take her to an amusement park
Love food just like Momo
Added for JYP while shopping at the same place


She was born in Tainan, Taiwan. Her real name is Zhou Tzu Yu and she is 1.70
Birthday: June 14, 1999, age 21 (22 Korean age)
Nicknames: Chewy, Evil Maknae or Yoda

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She wants people to recognize her for her talent and not for her looks
She is shy of personality and governs under the sign of Gemini
Has a very strong connection to your inner world
She was discovered by a school dance video
She is the tallest of TWICE
Her motto is to strive for a good result


She was born in Anyang, South Korea. Real name Yoo Jeong Yeon and height 1.68
Birthday: November 1, 1996, age 24 (25 Korean age)
Nicknames: Oppa

She was characterized by wearing short hair for much of her career with TWICE
Has a great ability to make facial expressions
She is very honest and always puts others before her
It is governed by the sign of Scorpio
Likes to experience new things
She is a fan of spicy food


She was born in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Real name In Na Yeon and height 1.64
Birthday: September 22, 1995, 25 years old (26 Korean age)
Nicknames: Fake Maknae

It is governed by the sign of Virgo
She likes to watch dramas and series
Her personality is outgoing.
She is very self-confident and does not like to pigeonhole
She almost always chooses her outfits
Her aegyo is natural


She was born in Osaka Japan, she is from the Japan line. Real name Minatozaki Sana and height 1.68
Birthday: December 29, 1996, age 24 (25 Korean age)

It is governed by the sign of Capricorn
It is characterized by its adorable and loving personality
She became very famous after her phrase in the MV of “Cheer Up”
She is an expert in calligraphy
Your outfits are decided based on your mood
She starred in the video “A” of her fellow GOT7
Love horror movies


She was born in South Korea in the city of Guri, her real name is Park Ji Soo and she is 1.62
Birthday: Feb 1, 1997, 23 years old (24 in Korean age)
Nicknames: Mic Girl or Thomas the Train

Is girlfriend

by singer Kang Daniel, former member of Wanna One.
She was chosen as the leader because of her abilities, but also because she is the most experienced idol, she was a JYP trainee for 10 years.
She is one of the main vocalists.
It is governed by the sign of Aquarius and loves to sing.
She is very sentimental, so she likes romantic and deep lyrics.


She was born in Seongnam, South Korea. Real name Kim Da Hyun and is 1.58
Birthday: May 28, 1996, age 22, (Korean age 23)
Nicknames: Tofu and Dubu

It is ruled under the sign of Gemini
She greatly appreciates her solitude and privacy.
She is the main rapper and has a dance called “eagle”
She is very individualistic in terms that her personality is unique and stands out for it, she is also a joker


She was born in Dunchondong, South Korea. Real name Son Chae Yong and is 1.59
Birthday: April 23, 1991, age 21 (22 Korean age)
Nicknames: Strawberry Princess

It is governed by the sign of Taurus
Write poetry and paint
She is known for her multifaceted and versatile personality.
Has the gift of imitating the sound of a duck
She is a fan of the artist Van Gogh
Her style is very e-girl and dark


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