Everything You need to know about the Genesis GV60 EV


The Genesis GV60 joins a long line of electric vehicle models that will appear on the market. Being the first Genesis electric car, this car has many impressive features, starting with the exterior design. Genesis built the GV60 on the Electric Global modular platform, which is used in conjunction with electric vehicles such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. This means that the GV60’s body structure, chassis, engine and battery have been adapted for the electric vehicle. The car has an attractive crossover shape with a sports SUV coupe (CUV), which makes the Genesis car the most dynamic model.

With a proven track record of producing luxury cars with astounding performance, Genesis joins the EV game with a purpose. The GV60 marks the company’s entry into a market replete with electric powertrains and incredible design. The GV60 is expected to challenge a heavyweight electric car like the Tesla Model Y in a race for dominance. Creating an all-electric SUV with exciting features allows an ambitious brand like Genesis to dream of conquest.

The GV60 is offered in two trim levels: Advanced and Performance, with both versions equipped with two electric motors at the front and rear. In the Advanced configuration, the front electric motor has a power of 74 kW, and the rear — 160 kW. The front and rear engines of the Performance variant develop a power of 160 kW each. A high starting price is expected for the GV60, as it is a luxury car. The basic Advanced package is sold at a price of $ 71,150, excluding registration, licensing and insurance fees. Alternatively, the Performance option sells for $80,574. Although the Performance variant has more features, the Advanced configuration has a better power reserve of up to 248 miles. The Performance version will offer drivers approximately 235 miles. Both models are equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 77.4 kWh. While the Advanced configuration provides a maximum power output of 314 hp, the Performance configuration offers much more with a power output of 429 hp, which can be increased to 483 in Boost mode. Both models have the same output torque (446 lb-ft), although the Performance variant can develop 516 lb-ft in Boost mode.

Advanced GV60 technology

The GV60’s accelerated mode offers a better driving experience by increasing the car’s power by about 10 seconds. Exclusive to the Performance variant, this feature momentarily increases the maximum speed of the electric vehicle. To further improve driving performance, the GV60 is equipped with an electronic high-friction differential (E-SLSD), which enhances the transmission of torque to the wheels. This happens when the car is about to turn at high speed. Thanks to this feature, drivers will get a better grip on the road, especially in harsh driving conditions such as a blizzard or downpour. The GV60 is also equipped with a unique Road Active Noise Control (RANC) technology, which uses various sound-absorbing mechanisms to reduce road noise. However, this is only available for the Performance model.

Thanks to the interactive technology of Genesis electric vehicles, the driver can be synchronized with his GV60 SUV. For example, there is Face Connect, an innovation that requires facial recognition before the car opens. In addition to face recognition, Face Connect allows drivers to personalize the driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors and infotainment system. There is also a fingerprint authentication system that allows drivers to start an electric car and drive it without a key. This technology also serves as an authentication tool to simulate the Valet mode. As for the infotainment system, the GV60 EV is a pioneering Genesis model using a new generation infotainment system called Connected Car Integrated Cockpit (CCIC), which centralizes content by clusters, projection display and navigation.