Everything you need to know about the character of “Very Strange Cases” Robin Buckley


The third season of “Very Strange Cases” introduced us to Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke), and she remains at the top of our list of favorite characters. The number of fans of the character has increased dramatically since her first appearance in the series, and now she is part of the leading group of characters solving the mysteries of the Underside. What do you need to know about her in season 4? Here’s our unofficial guide to Robin Buckley’s character from Very Strange Cases.

Is Robin Buckley from “Very Strange Cases” a member of the LGBT community?

Robin Buckley is the first character in the TV series “Very Strange Things” to openly declare that he is part of the LGBT community. In the third season of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, another character Steve Harrington (Joe Keary) admits that he is in love with Robin. At first it seems that she reciprocates him, but as she continues, she tells Steve about her sexuality. Robin identifies as a lesbian and once fell in love with a classmate Tammy Thompson.

The Duffer brothers, the creators of Very Strange Cases, did not initially write Robin as a gay character. In fact, it was Hawk who suggested it.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in 2019 , Hawke said: “During filming, we started to feel that she and [Steve] shouldn’t be dating and that she’s gay. Even when I go back and watch earlier episodes, it seems like the most obvious solution.”