Everything You Need to Know about The Arknights: Lingering Echoes Event


Immediately after the grueling meeting with the latest Contract for unforeseen circumstances No. 9, our Doctors will soon be met by a future companion with a mystical but familiar atmosphere. In the upcoming event, Lingering Echoes, the central place is occupied by a young Leitanian commoner with a talent for the Art of Originium. The update also features two new operatives, a store of rewards for precious materials for growth, as well as brand new skins and themed furniture sets. In this Arknights News article, we cover everything you need to know about Lingering Echoes, including the upcoming campaign, event store, new operators, and new skins.

Lingering Echoes campaign Release Date: December 27, 2022


Lingering Echoes is a side story of the latest update, the release date of which is scheduled for December 27, 2022. It usually includes a series of new stages, test stages, missions (and their rewards), and a reward shop. The reward shop is considered one of the most important parts of the event, as it allows players to get a lot of tedious materials using less time and sanity.

Awards events and shop

As you progress through the stages of the event, you will be able to complete missions that reward you with store currency and other things. The main reward for this set is Cerny, a 5-star defender who is extremely resistant to damage from arts. The remaining missions give a large amount of store currency and a lot of limited furniture items.

Event stores in Arknights are practically a treasure trove, as you naturally get them as you progress through the stages of the event. Cleaning the entire store is very doable, but requires a lot of grinding at the stages of the event of your choice.

In addition to the usual assortment of materials for improvement and LMD, the store offers the rest of the Rabble tokens needed to maximize its potential. There will also be three bounty hunting permits from the store and two data blocks of the module, which are used to provide operators with alternative equipment.

New 6-star and 5-star operator

Three operatives have a rating upgrade on the event banner: Ebenholz (6 stars), Hibiscus Cleaner (5 stars) and Blue Poison (5 stars). In general, this banner is of great value for novice players, but at the same time offers a powerful Ebenholz for veterans. Players will be able to compete for them until January 10, 2022.

Ebenholz belongs to a rare class of spellcasters known as mystical spellcasters. These spellcasters can accumulate attack charges and launch them all immediately after they find a suitable target. They have a very high attack for the caster, but a very low attack speed. This class has many caveats, such as wasting a powerful attack on small creatures, but Ebenholz’s third skill bypasses this by allowing him to attack only elite enemies or bosses.

Overall, Ebenholz is a powerful Arts unit that deals explosive damage against tanks.


Hibiscus Purifier is an alternative form of the 3-star Hibiscus Healer. After some… uh, character development, our pure healer is now part of a new class of “Harmacist”, whose healing works by attacking opponents. She is an interesting addition to the list of powerful medics already present in the game, but she has a trait that makes her very synergistic with solid Arts operatives (such as the Rabble!).

Blue Poison is a returning operator who seems to be the filler for this banner. Don’t worry, she is still one of the best anti-aircraft snipers in the game thanks to her separating attacks and good poison damage.

New skins

Unlike other gaches, operator skins in Arknights are incredibly easy to get. All skins (except event rewards) there are only about 15-21 Originum Primes, which can be obtained by completely clearing the card for the first time. If you manage to complete the entire campaign of the event, you will be able to buy one, and you will have some more left.

In this event, Flametail, Kirara and Aosta will have their newest skins available for the duration of the event. The Flametail and Aosta skins will cost 18 OP, and the Kirara skins will cost 15 OP. If you are a fan of any of these characters, you have a chance to transform them in a new way.

The Lingering Echoes event has been a long—awaited event for many veteran players since its appearance on the CN server 6 months ago. Ebenholz is quite often used in one-off videos, and finally, it will be in the hands of players on the global Arknights server so that everyone else in the world can enjoy it.

Although the last article we wrote about Arknights was about the seventh contract for unforeseen circumstances, expect new articles from us with news about Arknights here at ClutchPoints Gaming.


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