Everything you need to know about shared graphics


We will touch on the shared video card issue, which is one of the most frequently asked questions when purchasing a computer. In this article, “What is a shared video card? How to use a shared video card?” and Shared graphics card is good? ” We will answer your questions.

What is a shared graphics card?

Graphics cards that perform graphics operations on computers are divided into two categories: shared and non-shared. The hardware, known as a non-shared graphics card, has its own system memory.

Shared (Onboard) graphics cards are graphic interfaces in the processor and fed with RAM. Although non-shared graphics cards may have lower performance compared to non-shared graphics cards, today they can play games such as CS: GO, LoL and Dota 2. In addition, non-shared graphics cards, which have an advantage in power consumption, exceed the expectations of users in jobs that do not require graphics memory.

How to use a shared graphics card?

Shared graphics cards are automatically recognized by the system. Therefore, no additional action is required to use the drivers on current computers.

We recommend that you make changes to the settings in the Control Panel – Power Options menu for a performance usage scenario. Click the Change Plan Settings tab at the bottom right of the power option you are using. Then click the Change Advanced Power Settings tab in the menu that appears, and enter the relevant menu.

After finding the processor brand you are using in the menu, you can change the performance settings for the shared video card by clicking the + (plus) button.

Is a shared video card good?

Shared graphics card models, which cause performance degradation due to shared use with RAM, are limited by RAM and processor capacity. Therefore, it cannot meet the expectations of users who want to play new generation games. Users with older generation processors may have problems with shared graphics cards.

Although shared graphics cards are below expectations in terms of performance, they manage to satisfy users in terms of power consumption. Especially for laptop users, shared graphics cards stand out with their longer battery life.

Shared graphics cards will be sufficient for those who use mainly Office programs. It is also worth remembering that the new generation graphics cards can play some games.


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