Everything You Need to Know about “Sandman” Actor Tom Sturridge


Netflix’s “Sandman” stars Tom Sturridge as “Dream of Infinity,” and here’s what you need to know about the talented British actor. “The Sandman,” executive produced by Neil Gaiman, is a long-awaited adaptation of his favorite DC Comics graphic novels. The first season of “The Sandman” will cover the first two volumes of Gaiman’s dark supernatural saga, “Preludes and Nocturnes” and “Dollhouse,” with Sturridge in the central role of Morpheus, the lord of dreams.

Ever since Gaiman’s Sandman comics were first published in 1989, Hollywood has unsuccessfully tried to bring comics to the big screen. Filmmakers such as Roger Avary, Terry Gilliam, James Mangold, Eric Kripke and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been trying for decades to launch a film about the Sandman, but none of them has been able to solve the mystery of how to adapt Gaiman’s fantasy. Meanwhile, Gaiman stopped every “bad” attempt to make a film about the Sandman in order to protect his creation, knowing full well what the Sandman means to his legions of fans. Finally, the TV version was sold and bought by Netflix, and Gaiman was an executive producer along with Allan Heinberg (“Wonder Woman”) and David S. Goyer (“Man of Steel”). When “The Sandman” became a reality, one of the most important and most difficult tasks was to find a suitable actor for the role of Morpheus, and they found him in Tom Sturridge.

Sturridge is hardly an unknown, and he has already distinguished himself with several film and television roles before he auditioned for the role of Dream in early 2020. The role of Morpheus requires an actor who can portray an unearthly, regal and obsessive supernatural being of extraordinary strength, who still possesses a spark of humanity and is able to learn, change and develop. Sturridge beat hundreds of other actors to get the lead role in The Sandman, and it seems that his entire career led to this role.

Tom Sturridge as a young man

Tom Sturridge was born on December 21, 1985 in London in the family of director Charles Sturridge and actress Phoebe Nichols. Sturridge attended Harrodian School in south-west London, and among his classmates were Robert Pattinson (Batman) and Will Poulter (Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3). Sturridge attended Winchester College, but was also a child actor. Tom’s film debut took place in 1996 in the TV adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels, directed by his father.

Tom Sturridge ‘s Filmography

Tom Sturridge’s acting career as an adult began in 2004, when he played a young Georgie in Vanity Fair and Roger Gosselin in Being Julia. Sturridge is also remembered in the 2009 film “The Ship that Rocked” (released in the US as “Pirate Radio”), as Sergeant Troy in the 2014 film “Away from the Maddening Crowd” and as Lord Byron in the 2017 film “Mary Shelley” with Elle Fanning. Sturridge also played John Dondon alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the Netflix movie “The Velvet Saw” in 2019.

Sturridge has also had major roles on television. He played Henry VI in the 2016 limited series The Empty Crown, and also starred as Jake alongside Ella Pernell’s Tess in the series Bittersweet, which aired on Starz for two seasons in 2018-2019.

How Tom Sturridge got the role of Sleep in “The Sandman”

According to Neil Gaiman, Tom Sturridge has overtaken “fifteen hundred” other actors who auditioned for the role of “Dream of Infinity” in “The Sandman”. As Gaiman told EW about this story, Sturridge was one of the first 10 actors he saw auditioning for the role in early 2020. Tom was immediately on the shortlist, but since the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the production of The Sandman, the producers decided to watch hundreds more auditions. However, Tom Sturridge was at the top of Gaiman’s list, and his fellow executive producers signed Sturridge for the role of the Sandman.

Over the course of many unsuccessful attempts to bring the Sandman to the big screen, many other actors have been chosen for the role of Dreams. In the 1990s, the actor who was at the top of many fans’ lists for the role of Morpheus was Daniel Day-Lewis. Joseph Gordon-Levitt intended to play Dream himself in the version of the Sandman that he edited. But in Tom Sturridge, Gaiman found a British actor who had all the important features necessary for the realization of a Dream, whose black suit and short hairstyle are based on the corporate image and personal style of the creator of the “Sandman”.

Does Tom Sturridge have any upcoming movies or shows?

The Sandman is currently Tom Sturridge’s primary acting commitment, as everyone involved in the series hopes it will be a big enough success for Netflix to give the green light to further seasons that will allow the rest of Gaiman’s Sandman saga to be adapted. Gaiman asked Sturridge not to take on other acting roles so that he would not have conflicts if he continued to play Son in The Sandman. However, currently Sturridge can also be seen in the HBO Max limited series “Irma Vep”. Sturridge plays Eamonn in three episodes starring Alicia Vikander.


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