Everything You Need to Know about Amy Holterman’s Two Children, Sisters Weighing 1,000 Pounds


Amy Slayton Holterman of the 1000-lb Sisters and her husband Michael Holterman are now proud parents of two little boys. Subscribers were with the couple at every stage of their journey to starting a family. Over the years, fans have been aware of every pregnancy and birth.

Since the first seasons of the series “1000 Pound Sisters”, fans have been hooked. TLC cameras followed Amy and Tammy Slaton, whose total weight exceeded 1,000 pounds. The premise was that both sisters were eligible for gastric bypass surgery, but only Amy did it. Thanks to the significant weight loss, Amy began to live a more normal life, including getting pregnant. The doctors were worried about Amy, as she had just undergone weight loss surgery, but she continued and eventually gave birth to a healthy baby. Fans were so happy for the star and thrilled again with her latest release.

Gage Deon Holterman is the eldest son of Amy and Michael. The baby is now two years old, and he can often be seen exploring his family’s house with pleasure. Gage is known as the “little ham” as he often likes to pose for photos with his mother. Amy shared that Gage is a fan of the classic 90s TV series “Oh, these Kids.” Gage was born on November 10, 2020 in Kentucky. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, which means he will be ambitious and loyal to the point of failure. Amy and Michael love all the horrors and drew inspiration for their sons’ names from movies. Gage is the protagonist of Stephen King’s novel Pet Cemetery.

The newest 1,000—pound star of The Sisters is Glenn Allen Holterman. The couple’s second son was born on July 5, 2022. According to the zodiac sign, Glenn is Cancer, so his personality may be more cautious, but he will be devoted to his hobbies in the long run. Glenn is only three weeks old, but he’s living his best life as his mother Amy keeps posting cute photo updates. As for his name, Amy has not commented yet, but fans have several theories. Since Amy and Michael are horror movie lovers, Glenn could have been from the 2004 movie “Chucky’s Seed.” The main character Glen is the son of serial killer Chucky and his wife Tiffany Valentine. Despite the fact that the writing is different, many fans believe that it may be related to horror.

Subscribers of 1000-lb Sisters love to receive news about Amy’s transition to motherhood with her two little boys. Viewers hope that a new season will be announced soon so that they can get even more information about the growing family. Amy once mentioned that she wasn’t sure if she would come back after feeling like she was shown to be a bad mother. Nevertheless, fans hope that she will change her mind and show her two beautiful lumps of joy.


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