Everything we know so far about the new Netflix series


The first season of Equinox consisted of six episodes and the series has been described as in the same vein as Dark. It’s based on a podcast, so while a second season has yet to be announced, there is a possibility that it deviates from the original inspiration.

The students’ disappearances sparked many conspiracy theories, so there is a possibility that a second season of Equinox could explore some of the other beliefs.

Equinox fans will have to see if Netflix had this project slated to be a limited series, or if viewing figures suggest it deserves a second installment.

What is the release date?

Although production has been possible for many television series such as Equinox, the coronavirus pandemic has limited the filming that can be done globally.

Netflix will review the audience for the first season within the first few months of release, so fans should have an idea if a second Equinox installment will take place in early 2022.

Who will be in the second installment?

As news of a second season has yet to come out, it’s hard to say who will reprise their roles. The first season of Equinox involved an anonymous person who informed Astrid about what happened to her sister and the other students.

What will happen?

It’s too early to predict what might happen in the second Equinox installment, as the series has yet to be renewed but it could recall the story from Jakob’s perspective, or even Ida’s.

With this in mind, there could be scope for Equinox to follow suit and become a full-length series, as this genre is clearly popular with fans.


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