Everything We Know about the 10th season of Chicago Police


Warning! There are spoilers ahead for the 9th season of Chicago Police.

Things may change for Intelligence when the team returns for the 10th season of Chicago Police. NBC’s Chicago police procedure ended in tragedy after months of hunting Los Teminos. In the wake of Hank Voight’s (Jason Beg) latest defeat, it’s entirely possible that he will change the way he manages Intelligence when the 10th season of “Chicago Police” premieres.

Intelligence is exposed to some difficult cases during season 9 of Chicago Police. To begin with, Voight, Hayley Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) and Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) fought off attempts to uncover what really happened to the criminal Roy Walton (Michael Maze). Elsewhere, Kevin Atwater (Larose Hawkins) is dealing with a love problem, while Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Weather Vane) and Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) seems to be reviving their romance.

However, the big intelligence mission is to destroy Javier Escano (Jose Zuniga) and Los Teminos, and she remained the focus of the proceedings until the end of season 9. At the same time, it seems that Los Teminos will continue to play a role in the narrative of the 10th season of the Chicago Police. Here’s everything we know about the 10th season of Chicago Police.

Chicago Police Season 10 Extension

Like Chicago Fire, Chicago Police received a three-season extension in February 2020, just as it was preparing to complete its seventh year. This guaranteed the eighth, ninth and upcoming 10th season of the show. In addition, NBC has yet to make any decisions, and it is likely that news of any further extensions will not appear until early 2023.

Chicago Police Cast of Season 10: Who’s Coming Back?

It has been some time since the intelligence service changed its main composition. Embarking on the 10th season of Chicago Police, produced by Dick Wolf, it seems that he will retain his core team, and to date there is no news that anyone will leave the show. This means that Jason Beha’s team will remain composed of Tracy Spyridakos, Jesse Lee Soffer, Larois Hawkins, Patrick John Weather Vane and Marina Squerciati, who will play their roles, as well as Amy Morton as Sergeant Trudy Platt.

The story of the 11th season of “Chicago Fire”: what is the ending of the 9th season

In the end, Intelligence manages to ruin Los Teminos, but not without losses on their part. In the finale of the 9th season of the Chicago Police “You and Me”, Voita’s civilian informant Anna (Carmela Zumbado) becomes a fraud after her secret operation on Escano burned down. In the battle with Voight, Anna shoots the intelligence sergeant, but Upton arrives in time to kill her. Anna dies, leaving Voight in great grief and guilt, especially since she has a son, Rafa. This sets Voight up for the potential adoption of Rafa in the 10th season of Chicago Police to compensate for his mother’s failure. In addition, it is also curious how Anna’s death may affect Voight’s relationship with Upton in the future.

Chicago Police Forecast release Dates for Season 10

When “Chicago Police” debuted, it premiered in the middle of the 2014 TV season, but it has since returned for a fall return to small screens. It usually returns to the air at the end of September, with the exception of season 8, when the coronavirus pandemic delayed it by about two months, pushing it back to release in November 2020. It’s safe to say that the 10th season of “Chicago Police” will keep its usual schedule, which will premiere around the end of September 2022.