Everything we know about its 4th and final season


Starring Jason Bateman, Ozark is a thrilling drama that focuses on Marty Byrde and his dealings in the pharmaceutical industry. He escaped a money laundering operation in Chicago in the first season, only to be forced into a larger one in the Ozarks region of Missouri later on.

Similarly, Marty begins to build an empire together with his wife and children, with the ultimate goal of earning a certain amount of money to pay off his debts and leave the business behind. But as they say, once you are in, you are for life.

What to expect from the fourth and final season of Ozark where at this point, Marty is deeper into the drug game than ever. To make matters worse, he’s on the sidelines with Ruth Langmore, his right-hand man, for organizing Ben’s murder.

Now, Ruth is associated with Darlene Snell, who is determined to reclaim her space in the industry, setting the stage for a power struggle between the Snell family and the Byrdes.

“Marty and the Byrdes took over Ruth’s intuition and she stopped hearing that, in season 3 she again made the mistake of not listening to her instincts and doing all of this for the Byrdes, so she’s done with that, ”actress Julia Garner (Ruth) previously revealed.

Meanwhile, more characters will be brought into the world of Ozark, including a private investigator who won’t rest until he discovers the truth, and a sheriff who refuses to play on anyone’s terms other than his own.

Does this mean that the past is finally about to catch up with the Byrdes? Possibly, according to showrunner Chris Mundy.

“I think Season 4 will be about whether the Byrdes can turn the biggest mistake of their lives into this huge advantage, and how much will karma catch up to them if they do?” revealed Mundy.

Typically, Ozark releases a new season every year, with the exception of Season 3, which came out about a year and a half after its predecessor.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that has caused delays in the production of dozens of shows, it is difficult to know when the fourth season of Ozark will come. Don’t forget that you can watch the first three seasons of Ozark on Netflix.


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