Everything We Know About God’s Favorite Idiot Season 2


Warning! SPOILERS for the first season of God’s favorite idiot.

God’s favorite Idiot is currently streaming on Netflix, and the prospects for a second season so far look good. Despite the critical criticism, the first season of “God’s Favorite Idiot” attracts a lot of attention from viewers thanks to its lighthearted themes, Melissa McCarthy’s acting and booze-worthy appeal. The show ends the first season with a typically thrilling finale that promises its return in the near future.

The first season of “God’s Favorite Idiot” tells the story of a technical worker Clark Thompson, who is mysteriously struck by lightning, and soon learns that he has been chosen to become the messenger of God himself. Despite being clearly naive about her role in the grand scheme of things, Clarke opens the letter “S” on her chest and races against time to save the world from an impending demonic invasion. Along the way, he also trusts Melissa McCarthy’s Emily Luck, who is no less a train wreck than he is, but devout enough to help him.

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The huge scalability of the fantastic world-building in the 1st season of “God’s Favorite Idiot” and the cute on-screen chemistry of Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone seem to have a lot more in store. Not to mention that, given that the ending of the cliffhanger leaves a lot of stones untouched, it’s hard not to speculate about the likelihood of its resumption.

The status of the extension of the 2nd season of God’s favorite idiot

Initially, Netflix planned to shoot 16 episodes of “God’s Favorite Idiot” in a row before the first eight episodes of the series premiere on Netflix (via Variety). However, production was later interrupted and filming of the show was halted after eight episodes. Soon after, it became clear that Netflix planned to split the filming of “God’s Favorite Idiot” into two parts of eight episodes, but details about the dates and locations were kept secret. The streamer’s early intention to shoot 16 episodes in a row starring Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone indicates that the God-loved idiot has a good chance to expand his workplace comedy drama in the second season. At the same time, it may also mean that Netflix will keep turning a blind eye to the show’s immediate popularity after the first season and release a second season only if the first season proves to be commercially successful.

Plot Details of the second season of God’s favorite Idiot (if that happens)

After the events of season 1 of God’s Favorite Idiot, season 2 may show how the war between Heaven and Hell will escalate further. Despite the fact that he is an unlikely candidate for this job, Clark is beginning to understand better what he must do to spread the word of God. With this understanding, in the second season of God’s Favorite Idiot, the characters of Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy will embark on a new journey, where they will hopefully take a new step towards saving the world. Also, given that “God’s Favorite Idiot” only superficially touches on his God—centered knowledge, the second season is likely to have more characters—and, in turn, more problems for Clark-in the mix.

When can the second season of “God’s Favorite Idiot” be released

Filming of the first season of “God’s Favorite Idiot” began in March 2021 and ended in early June 2021 (via The Guardian). Since the first season of the show was released on Netflix about a year after filming was completed, we can expect that the premiere of the second season of “God’s Favorite Idiot” will take place in mid-2023, if filming begins soon.