Everything we know about Constantine 2


Here’s everything we know about Constantine 2.  The Keanu Reeves movie was a reimagined version of the DC Comics character John Constantine aka Hellblazer. Reeves’ take ditched the character’s usual blonde look and British accent, but he made the supernatural detective his own. Constantine was the feature-length directorial debut for Francis Lawrence and had hopes of being a franchise.

When Constantine hit theaters in 2005, though, it was not a huge hit. The movie grossed over $230 million worldwide but earned mixed-to-negative reviews diminishing any chance of the sequel for the time being. However, Constantine has developed a cult following over time. With Reeves’ career resurgence thanks to John Wick, calls for Constantine 2 have only grown louder, leading to plenty of rumors that the sequel will happen in some form, either as a theatrical movie or even with Reeves returning as Constantine for a Justice League Dark HBO Max series.

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The interest in Constantine 2 led to Reeves and others involved with the first film discussing the possibility of the sequel happening. This raises several questions, such as the status of Constantine 2, who will be in it, and when it will be released. Here’s everything we know about Constantine 2 so far.

Why Constantine 2 Probably Isn’t Happening

Initially, it appeared that Constantine 2 was happening. Peter Stormare starred in the first film as Lucifer and seemingly confirmed the sequel is coming. He randomly shared an image of himself in Constantine with the caption “Sequel In The Works.” Reeves also expressed interest in the project, which got many fans excited. Sadly, in December 2021, Reeves revealed he had failed to get Constantine 2 made, saying on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, “I would love to play John Constantine again from the Constantine movie. I’ve tried, I’ve tried, Stephen. I would love to.”

Constantine 2: Possible Release Date, Cast & Story Details

There is no release date for Constantine 2 because of the project’s current status. Although Keanu Reeves’ statement suggests the long-awaited sequel is not to be, it’s still possible that Constantine 2 will get officially greenlit, however, and could get a release date some years down the road. The current status of the development is not known, but since Lawrence and Reeves have been talking, it is possible Constantine 2 could happen quickly once (if) it is confirmed to be on the way.

If Constantine 2 does happen, Keanu Reeves will play John Constantine in the movie. He’s expressed an interest in playing the character again, and he’s already going back to one previous franchise by playing Neo again in The Matrix 4. Peter Stormare will also likely reprise his role as Lucifer. No other actors have teased their involvement. Other characters who could return include Shia LaBeouf, whose character Chas Kramer died in the original movie but is shown as an angel in a post-credits scene, Rachel Weisz who plays Angela Dodson, or even Tilda Swinton, whose archangel character Gabriel was left to live out life as a mortal.

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It’s unclear what Constantine 2’s story could be about, but the ending of the original movie does set up several arcs, like Angela pursuing a career in the paranormal. Constantine 2 could also go in a completely other direction with Constantine and Midnite (Djimon Hounsou) doing other investigations. With ample comic material to draw from, the possibilities are countless.

John Constantine Won’t Appear In The Sandman But Has A Suitable Replacement

Since John Constantine is in several of Neil Gaiman’s DC Sandman comics, many Constantine fans were hopeful he’d appear in Netflix The Sandman, but John Constantine won’t be in The Sandman. Gaiman’s original works were an anthology of multiple stories, most of which centered around Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge in the Netflix show). John Constantine featured in several, but he wasn’t always present, so there was never a guarantee he’d show up in the Netflix adaptation. However, the lack of John doesn’t mean The Sandman is without a Constantine – Lady Johanna Constantine, played by Jenna Coleman, will be a prominent character in the series.

Coleman will portray two iterations of Johanna: Johanna Constantine in the present, and Lady Johanna Constantine in the past. In the Sandman comics, Lady Johanna is one of John’s ancestors. She carries out much of the same supernatural-sleuthing-for-hire as John but in the 18th and 19th centuries. Not much is known about her modern counterpart. What has been confirmed is that allegations of gender-flipping John Constantine for the sake of diversifying are entirely wrong.

Firstly, Neil Gaiman has been extensively involved in The Sandman’s creative process, including the casting. The Sandman comics as he made them decades ago don’t reflect his vision or outlook now, and he’s been open about relishing the chance to redefine a few things. Secondly, Johanna has a distinctly different personality than the dark, grimy, foul-mouthed John. She’s definitely a Constantine, with the dangerous attitude to match, but she’s far from a gender-swapped version of DC’s go-to ill-tempered warlock.

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John Constantine Might Be Getting Another TV Series

Even though Keanu Reeves has yet to replay him, John Constantine has returned to screens in the time since Constantine’s release, albeit on TV rather than in a movie. Matt Ryan portrayed the character in a single-season Arrowverse show, also called Constantine, that ran in 2014. Ryan’s version of John would then appear in other CW shows including Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. While John’s solo show didn’t exactly win over wider audiences, it gained a small cult following of its own which led to Constantine returning in other Arrowverse shows.

While a Constantine series 2 is even more unlikely than a Keanu Reeves Constantine sequel, the character might be getting a new small-screen live-action venture. It’s been confirmed that a John Constantine HBO Max series is in development at HBO Max, although details are incredibly scarce. This correlates with insight given by Neil Gaiman on Twitter: “The rights situation with John is certainly circumscribed right now.” It seems that fans of the Constantine movie craving a Constantine 2 are still in limbo, but those just hoping to see their favorite chainsmoking comic-book occultist back in live-action might soon have cause to celebrate.