Everything We Know about Captain America: The New World Order


Here’s everything that’s been confirmed about “Captain America: The New World Order,” including predictions for the cast and plot of “Captain America 4.” As every Marvel opening at Comic-Con 2022 opens up a bright future for both new heroes and villains, the title of Sam Wilson’s first solo film as the new Captain America of the MCU is finally officially confirmed. Captain America 4 was first announced during the MCU series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which ended with the Falcon becoming the new Captain America.

It is noteworthy that the creator of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Malcolm Spellman, is also the head writer of Captain America 4, but this does not necessarily mean that the film can simply continue from where the series ended. Indeed, the new Captain America is unlikely to miss the Skrull invasion and will definitely become part of the Secret Invasion crossover. With a total of 8 MCU movies and series between “Secret Invasion” and “Captain America: The New World Order,” it’s hard to predict the state of the MCU by the time “Captain America 4” is released.

The cast of “Captain America: The New World Order” currently includes only Sam Wilson himself. However, the title of the film suggests that Wilson will be joined by Captain America’s oldest villain in the MCU — the Red Skull. Here’s everything else viewers need to know about Captain America: The New World Order.

Captain America: Explaining the name of the New World Order

What’s interesting about the title “Captain America 4” is that it will probably be a preparation for the return of the Red Skull to the MCU. In Marvel comics, “New World Order” is the name of an organization created by the Red Skull, who lures the Hulk to an NMP base in the Amazon jungle, where the Juggernaut captures the Hulk for brainwashing. The Avengers of the Black Knight free the Hulk from the mental control of the Red Skull during the ensuing battle, but the Red Skull gives the impression that the NWO members’ rescue plane crashes nearby. In fact, NWO is secretly meeting under the base, planning his next move. With the exception of the Silvermane bandit and the Red Skull himself, the real identities of the other NWO members are never revealed.

The real meaning of the title “Captain America 4” is that it implies the upcoming return of the Red Skull to the MCU, who was last seen on Vormir as the guardian of the Soul Stone in Avengers: Infinity War. Between the Infinity War saga and Captain America: The New World Order, the return of the Red Skull may happen in different ways. It is possible that the Red Skull will somehow be released from custody and return to Earth in time to cause damage to Captain America 4.

Captain America: The Story of the New World Order – what can happen?

“New World Order” is also the name of the pilot episode of the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, in the finale of which Wilson becomes the new Cap. The way the Falcon becomes Captain America in the comics is actually very different from what happens in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, in which Spellman focused not only on the racial politics of a black man who became a symbol of America, but also on Cap’s role as an intermediary between ordinary people. and the authorities. Captain America 4 will probably continue to explore these topics along with Wilson, who manages the machinations of another secret organization that is worse than Hydra.

Captain America: The New World Order Cast: who can come back

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also ends with Sharon Carter being pardoned by the government and hired by the CIA. In addition to Sam Wilson played by Anthony Mackie and Bucky Barnes played by Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp is likely to reprise her role as Sharon Carter, also known as Power Broker, who could organize the return of the Red Skull and the creation of NWO. “Captain America: The New World Order” may also include American agent Wyatt Russell and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whose team “Falcon in the Winter Soldier” lays the foundation for “Thunderbolts”, which means Elena Belova Florence Pugh and Daniel Bruhl. Helmut Zemo may also be in Captain America 4. There are also rumors that Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers will appear, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Captain America: The New World Order Release Date

“Captain America: The New World Order” will be released in theaters on May 3, 2024. This will be followed by the July 26, 2024 issue of Thunderbolts, which Captain America is associated with in the comics. Unlike the Phase 4 MCU, there may be a more unified plot that connects the Phase 5 MCU tablet.


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