Everything the Moro Saga has to develop in its history


What kind of changes do you think it should make in Dragon Ball Super? Moro is an extremely powerful evil sorcerer and genocidal wizard.

The Dragon Ball Super manga gave fans great hope at a time when they urgently needed it. The anime paused at the peak of its popularity, leaving the manga to provide the only push forward with the official Dragon Ball story.

However, even with all that weight put into the Dragon Ball Super manga, the anime managed to fulfill its “Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol” arc.

The story introduced a fearsome new villain named Planet-Eater Moro and presented Goku and Vegeta with a challenge their traditional power-ups couldn’t overcome. However, Moro’s bow has lost a great deal of luster as it unfolds, quickly becoming another rerun of Dragon Ball Z.

This is how Dragon Ball Super can improve the Moro arc before it ends in the manga, or maybe when the story is finally adapted to anime.

Let Vegeta win

For the love of all things sacred: Let Vegeta win this time! The Saiyan Prince parted ways with Goku after Moro nearly kills them and annihilates all life on New Namek. Vegeta vowed to stop living in Goku’s shadow and seek his own method to achieve the next level Saiyan power.

While Goku simply increased his Ultra Instinct ability, Vegeta actually accomplished something new, traveling to Planet Yardrat to achieve a technique called “Spirit Control”.

Rather than serving as a flashy new transformation, Spirit Control gives Vegeta access to a full range of strategic attacks or abilities, such as Instant Transmission or the new Forced Spirit Fission technique that undoes fusions and absorbs.

This major enhancement in Vegeta’s power was combined with a nice story from Moro’s campaign of terror on New Namek, causing Vegeta to face his past role as Frieza’s henchman.

However, just when Dragon Ball Super put Vegeta in the spotlight as the man who could beat Moro when Goku couldn’t, it just ruined him just as quickly.

Vegeta took Moro’s power away from him, but the villain had a desperate plan to merge with an android henchman that has increased Moro’s power and abilities to an unstoppable degree. Now Vegeta has been defeated, and the story has once again given Goku a reason to take an exponential leap in the power of Ultra Instinct to once again defeat the villain and save the day.

Dragon Ball fans were ecstatic for a second there that Vegeta was finally getting his due, so why deny them that?

Moro transformation different

As stated, Moro avoided being destroyed by Vegeta’s new spirit control powers by merging with his android henchman, Seven-Three. Seven-Three had the unique power to copy the abilities of any fighter, including the power of Moro himself.

Upon merging, Moro regained all of his power and magic, as well as the ability to copy the power and all the stolen powers that came with him. This “perfect” Moro basically confirmed that Moro was simply a rehash of Cell.

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It was a real shame, as in “Planet-Eater,” Moro was a pretty good departure from most of the Dragon Ball enemies, as he looked like a decrepit old goat, but was still a formidable fighter and sorcerer.

As Moro consumes life force, he undergoes a Benjamin Button-style aging process and becomes more vigorous and powerful, which again was both a cool twist on vampire lore and a departure from the usual Dragon Ball villain. .

However, various opponents and villains (Cell, Majin Buu, Zamasu, Kefla) have performed an almighty fusion so many times that it is hard to see Moro as different. It might be too late, but if Dragon Ball Super gave Moro a final form that is something we haven’t seen before, it would be a huge help.

Let the villain win

Planet-Eater Moro has quickly risen to the status of being one of the most powerful Dragon Ball villains, if not the most powerful, that the series has ever seen. And while he’s definitely malevolent and sadistic, Moro isn’t the same type of evil we’ve seen before on the show.

Moro does not want the universe nor does he destroy it: he simply feeds on the life force of living beings and worlds to prolong his own life, vitality and power. He’s basically a vampire.

Like modern vampire stories, Moro is a figure that could quickly become something much larger than the rehash of the Dragon Ball villain. Moro could be the first Dragon Ball villain to walk away with a major victory, even if he loses.

Moro’s power is on par with that of the gods, and his hunger to consume life could possibly be harnessed as, say, a God of Destruction. Imagine the shaking if Goku, Vegeta and company. they are forced to see a villain who has done them a lot of harm, protected and even promoted by the gods. It would be a great way to set up the Saiyan vs. Gods arc that many Dragon Ball Super fans believe the series has been developing.

Significant change

At the end of the day, Moro Arc should achieve one main goal, which is to make a significant change in the world and the myths of Dragon Ball. That’s not a vision born of pure opinion – the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has actually been planting seeds of great change the entire time. Goku is about to reach a level of divine power; Vegeta has set his own path, and backup squads like the Z-Fighters and the Galactic Patrol have had to face just how unpowered they have become relatively speaking.

Dragon Ball must soon evolve or die in popularity, and Moro Arc seems like the perfect place to perhaps present those great developments and perhaps prepare the series for a fresh start.


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