Everything that the Resident Evil 4 Remake Needs to Change in Its Characters


Capcom has announced that it is remaking Resident Evil 4, and this is the perfect time to solve problems with the characters that were in the original game. As with the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, Capcom does more than just update the graphics. Although the original Resident Evil 4 is already considered a favorite in the franchise, there are some improvements that can and should be made to some characters to improve the game as a whole.

The action of Resident Evil 4 takes place 6 years after the events of Resident Evil 2. Leon S. Kennedy became a federal spy and a friend of the president after escaping from Raccoon City. The president’s daughter, Ashley, has been kidnapped and is demanding a ransom, so Leon is sent to a remote village to rescue her. Soon Leon encounters Krauser, virus-infected villagers, the ridiculous Ramon Salazar and the mysterious Ada Wong.

As the story of Resident Evil 4 is reinterpreted in the remake, it’s unclear what changes Capcom will make. This assured fans that the main point of the game will remain, but there are characters in Resident Evil 4 who could benefit from a rethink deviating from their basic concepts. Characters like Ashley and Ada could use—and seem to be getting—more practical outfits, and Ashley needs a personality makeover to become less sexualized and transform into a more versatile young woman.

RE4 Remake – Krauser Needs More Impact and Fewer Quick Events

Krauser has some of the biggest character issues in Resident Evil 4. His connection to Leon lacks depth because the mission they performed together before the events of Resident Evil 4 expands into an additional game, leaving players who stick to the main titles missing context. But without a story between them, Leon’s meetings with Krauser fail, and he feels like a rather mild antagonist, not a military man who turned his back on the government he once served.

The second problem with Krauser is his fights. Resident Evil 4 bosses could have been better without the inclusion of quick events, and Krauser is among the bosses who could have improved the most without them. The presence of rapid events in Resident Evil 4 harms the plot, because it knocks players out of their immersion, forcing them to react to the sudden appearance of a button on the screen. Then, if they fail the event, they will have to start the collision all over again. Frustration with fast events makes bosses like Krauser more of a chore than an interesting part of the game’s history, and a remake shouldn’t bring them back.

Resident Evil 4 needs a more mature version of Ashley

Ashley Graham may be the most hated character in the entire Resident Evil franchise, and Capcom needs to fix that. The issues with Ashley range from her personality to her functionality or lack of it when Leon is protecting her. The remake requires a change of Resident Evil 4 VR for Ashley to begin with, where she is not as sexualized as in the original game because that content has been removed. The new outfit she will receive will also help soften the overly sexy tone she originally had.

Another problem with Ashley in the original version of Resident Evil 4 is that she is both useless and annoying. Even after saving Ashley, she can be easily caught if the player is not paying attention. Despite all the problems she brings to the player, Ashley has no ability to help, except that Leon can tell her to hide. She could be given such a simple role as helping to manage Resident Evil 4’s inventory by being able to store a certain number of items for Leon. It’s a small change, but it would give Ashley a lot more benefit than in the original game. Another useful addition will be that Capcom will give Ashley the opportunity to understand when she should hide, without having to tell her about it, as this will lead to a less frustrating gameplay. She doesn’t have to be able to fight Ganado alone, but she needs some abilities to help Leon.

Resident Evil 4 Remake May Have a Big Role For Ada Wong

However, there is another figure in the original game that is actually a fan favorite character. Players don’t see much of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4, given the help she gives Leon throughout the game. Like Ashley, Ada gets a new outfit that is much more convenient for covert work in a virus-infected area than her iconic red dress from the original title. Ada, however, does not need any adjustments to her personality, and she already has the ability to stand up for herself in dangerous areas. She is one of the first group of strong female video game characters and retains this role throughout the franchise. There is no reason why Capcom should change these aspects of Ada Wong’s character.