Everything that Heather Ray Young and Kristina Hall told about their relationship


From one Mrs. El Moussa to another? Heather Ray El Moussa (nee Young) married Tarek El Moussa after his separation from ex—wife Kristina Hall (nee Haak) – and the star of “Selling Sunset” does not shy away from the revelation about their relationship.

Tarek and Kristina got married in 2009, they had two children: daughter Taylor (born in September 2010) and son Brayden (born in August 2015). They announced their separation in September 2016, a few months after the police were called to their home.

“Like many couples, we had problems in our marriage. About six months ago, we had an unfortunate misunderstanding, and the police were called to our house for precautionary reasons. “We decided to seek advice to sort out our relationship. Together we decided to break up while we reassess the future of our marriage. During this process, we strive for our children and try to be the best parents we can be. We will continue to work on this process in a civilized and cooperative manner and plan to continue our professional life together.”

The couple, who continued filming their HGTV show until early 2022, finalized their divorce in 2018. While the “Christina on the Coast” star married Ant Anstead in December 2018, and in 2019 they had a son Hudson, the couple announced their divorce. September 2020. Less than a year after they finalized their divorce, it was revealed in April 2022 that Hall had secretly married Joshua Hall.

Meanwhile, Tarek exchanged vows with Heather in October 2021. Even before tying the knot, the Netflix star wasted no time in accepting her role as a stepmother.

“I want the kids to be happy the most,” Heather told us in September 2021. — We put everything aside and focus on the children. I don’t interfere in their affairs, and… we are really focused on the happiness and health of the children in our home. We are not too involved in what is happening in the house [Christina]”.

However, there was a spike in the parents’ relationship when photos surfaced showing Tarek and Heather getting hot with Josh and Kristina, respectively, at a children’s football match in May 2022.

“The personal matter was discussed and has since been resolved,” Kristina’s representative told us at the time. “We are focused on co-parenting as a team moving forward.”

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Heather on Kristina and Tarek’s collaboration

“I’m a really confident person, and I’m confident in our relationship, and I think what he’s doing and everything that’s going on with him is just amazing,” the former Radar Online model said of Flip or Flop in August 2019. “I fully support in everything.”

Heather on the comparison with Christina

“How would I “try to be like someone?” The last time I checked, I looked like this all my life,” Heather said on Instagram Stories in December 2019, when social media users accused her of trying to be like Kristina, “Yes, this is my ultimate goal, and I even rushed to the doctor to change my whole appearance!!! Come on, guys… let’s stop being funny.”

Kristina on what she has in common with Heather

“We, for example, will send each other random recipes right now during isolation,” Kristina told Us in April 2020. I’ll write back to her, like, whatever I have. We’ll be sharing margarita recipes with each other like a skinny watermelon, so yes, it’s nice. We all get along.”

Heather on Christina’s upbringing

“I really put myself in other people’s shoes. I am with the children every day. Tarek and I live together, so it’s quite natural for me, as a woman, to want to address her as their mother and say, “Hi. “, I’m with your children. Do you have any advice? Can you help me? I’m new to this business. Like, I don’t know what I’m doing,” Heather told E! News in May 2020. “I was the first girl he openly dated and introduced to his children after the divorce. I really think about how she would feel as their mother, and the new girl lives with the children? It’s natural for me.”

Mutual gestures for Mother’s Day

In May 2021, Christina and Heather thanked each other for flower arrangements for Mother’s Day.

Heather on Tarek and Kristina’s battle

In July 2021, reports surfaced that Tarek and Kristina got into a violent fight on the set of Flip or Flop, with TMZ claiming that he called his ex a “washed-up loser”, comparing Kristina to a smaller version of Heather. “This is called victory,” he allegedly shouted. “The world knows you’re crazy!”

A few months later, Heather told Us about the incident.

“People should remember that they are colleagues and exes. There will be small disappointments here and there,” the real estate agent said in September 2021. “There is a lot going on in all our worlds, and the world sees only what it sees. It’s blown up and everyone is moving on.