Everything that BOTW2 history can learn from the mask of Majora, but change


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets a sequel that looks rather gloomy compared to the original, recalling the creepy atmosphere of Majora’s Mask. It’s been too long since Zelda took the opportunity to add a darker part to the series, but that means Nintendo has had plenty of time to look back at the elements of Majora’s Mask that made her beloved and strange. Majora’s Mask absorbed the aspects that made it strange, and Breath of the Wild 2 should do it too, which would benefit from the popularity of the dark fantasy genre.

Breath of the Wild is an open—world Zelda game, and it brought a new sense of wonder to the old franchise, giving it a new feel. Although a confirmed sequel to Breath of the Wild is in development, little is known about it, except that the developers say the game will be darker. As a direct sequel, Nintendo may make Link and Zelda older in BOTW 2 instead of leaving them as young people, but at the moment most players can do about the dynamics they’ll see between the characters is speculate.

Breath of the Wild 2 won’t be the first darker installment of Zelda games, but it could learn from Major’s Mask, the first Zelda game to show a much more surreal and creepy side of the franchise. With the defeat of Disaster Ganon at the end of “Breath of the Wild”, it’s time for Nintendo to add another villain for BOTW 2, as the Mask of Majora did after the events of Ocarina of Time. It’s also the perfect time for developers to tackle more of Breath of the Wild’s story branches, and maybe they stayed open knowing there would be a sequel. Despite the continuation of Breath of the Wild, BOTW 2 has many opportunities to move away from its predecessor.

Zelda should appear in BOTW 2, but she doesn’t need Link’s help.

In most Zelda games, Zelda is in a situation where Link has to fulfill his hero’s mission and save her. Majora’s mask is different in that Zelda can only be seen once, and that’s in memories. Zelda needs Help Link is not a requirement for playing Zelda, and deviating from this idea opens up more opportunities for roles she can fulfill. Unlike Majora’s Mask, Zelda has a more important role to play in BOTW 2, and it’s high time she tried on her independent and fierce Sheikh personality again.

The inclusion of Zelda in a role that knows how to fight and shows that she is able to stand up for herself opens up the possibility for developers to create a storyline in BOTW 2 where players can play for her. In Legend of Zelda, there was an almost female version of Link, and a stronger, more combative Zelda in BOTW 2 could take the place that Link was never given. Zelda has always had her own abilities and powers, but players don’t see her using that power often enough. It’s time for her to leave behind the role of the girl in the disaster with BOTW 2 and become a hero herself.

BOTW 2 should adopt a darker tone Majora Mask

Majora’s Mask is a strange game, and it doesn’t hesitate to include such strange moments and characters as the Happy Mask Seller, which give it its characteristic dark and surreal tones. It even has a bizarre side quest in which Link can help the Gypsies fight off a ghost attack to protect the cows at the Gypsy ranch. And yet it’s this embrace of strange elements in the game that really gives Majora’s Mask its charm. This is the perfect time for a sequel to Majora’s Mask, and BOTW 2 can fill that void. Fans are praising the darker tone that the BOTW 2 trailers have shown so far, and Nintendo needs to commit to creating an atmosphere and story that lives up to the expectations it has for Zelda fans.

The open-world style of Breath of the Wild, continued in the sequel, gives developers the opportunity to include delightfully strange side quests that players can stumble upon in Majora’s Mask, and hide them all over the map. However, BOTW 2 should not include a time dependency from Majora’s Mask, where players need to use Time Song options and keep a close eye on game time in order to complete quests. Time is so important in Majora’s Mask that the delay was specifically included in the Switch port so that the cut scene was played correctly. This pressure associated with game time tracking is not a feature that BOTW 2 should adopt from Major’s Mask, unless Nintendo wants to add unnecessary stress to its players.

The song of healing from the mask of the majors may return to BOTW 2

BOTW 2 is capable of being creepy and surreal without adding stress, and part of Majora’s Mask’s surrealism comes from using Song of Healing.