Everything Nick and Vanessa Lasha said about Nick’s divorce from Jessica Simpson


It’s all in the past. Vanessa and Nick Lache have been married for more than a decade, but they are not afraid to remember the beginning of their relationship, which began shortly after Nick’s divorce from Jessica Simpson.

The NCIS: Hawai’i star and the 98 Degrees singer bumped into each other several times during the MTV show, but their first real connection came after Nick broke up with the “With You” vocalist in November 2005.

“Nick and I knew each other in passing because we both worked for MTV,” Vanessa explained during an interview with Tamron Hall in February 2020. “He came to the show to promote his album or whatever he was doing at the time, and I was working there on TRL. We were just dating and we were just talking and hanging out. And then when he was lonely and I was lonely… he asked me to act in his music video.”

The graduates of Dancing with the Stars appeared in the music videos for Nick’s song “What’s Left of Me”, which debuted in April 2006. However, before they met to shoot the video, the duo spent “hours a day” talking on the phone. When they met in person on set, Vanessa said she had “butterflies fluttering” when she saw him again.

In her memoir, “Open Book,” Simpson admitted that it hurt her when her ex-husband left so quickly after their breakup. When Nick’s affair with Vanessa began, his divorce from a native of Texas had not yet been finalized.

— So, Nick, are you already with someone else? It seems you forgot about the love you were telling me about,” the fashion designer wrote in diary entries included in the paperback edition of the book, released in March 2021. “I am incredibly saddened. Alone in the dark, and I have no one to call my own.”

Although Simpson was disappointed at the time, she later said she was glad to see her ex leave and start a family. The winner of the Masked Singer contest and his wife, who married in July 2011, have three children: Camden (born in September 2012), Brooklyn (born in January 2015) and Phoenix (born in December 2016).

“I’m happy for him now,” Simpson told Entertainment Tonight in February 2020. “He’s married, has three beautiful children, and you know, that was his goal, and he took grief and turned it into something beautiful, and that’s what I did as well. But you know, it took me longer to get there.”

The Blonde with Ambitions actress married Eric Johnson in July 2014, three years after her ex-husband exchanged vows with Vanessa. Simpson and the former NFL player have daughters Maxwell (born in May 2012) and Birdie (born in March 2019), as well as a son Ace (born in June 2013).

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1st answer

“It breaks my heart that I couldn’t make Jessica happy. I wanted to be everything to my wife,” Nick told Rolling Stone magazine in April 2006, two months before the divorce was finalized. “I wanted her to look at me with love in her eyes, as in the beginning, and for her to feel that I am the most wonderful, awe-inspiring man on the planet. And when it stopped, it was the worst feeling in the world.”

In the same interview, boybender admitted that he would “marry her again” if the opportunity presented itself. “I still love her,” he added. “It would have been much easier to leave if I hadn’t.”

No regrets

Eight years later, Nick changed his mind, saying that he was happy that he and his ex-wife had never had children together. “In our situation, this is probably the best thing that could have happened when we didn’t have children,” he told Jenny McCarthy during a conversation in November 2014 on her SiriusXM show. “And listen, you will always love your children, no matter how you feel about their other parent, but other things being equal, it was probably best for both of us that we continued to live. She’s obviously happily married to two, and I’m happily married and going to have two, so it turned out the way it was supposed to.”

It wasn’t them

In February 2020, Hoda Kotb stated that Simpson told her that Lasha had been sent her a baby gift after she gave birth to her first child. However, Vanessa claimed that this was not true. “I feel bad, sorry, you said someone sent her [something],” the former Miss Teen USA said during her own interview with the Today show host. “It wasn’t us, but thank you, whoever sent it.”

not petty

After social media users accused Vanessa of “pettiness” for saying that she and Nick did not send a gift, the author of “Living from Scratch” defended his comments with a series of tweets. “Oh, shadow! It would be fun and scandalous! No shadow, haha,” she wrote in February 2020. — I just want to clarify an incorrect statement. That’s it.” In a second tweet , she added: “Should I have pretended to give it? Damn. Can we finish and I’ll tell them it was a big beautiful basket. ;-). I’m kidding, I’m sorry you think that, I just wanted to be truthful. That’s all. But the gift sounds beautiful!”