Everything you need to know about The Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown


Millie Bobby Brown: Age, love life, Instagram … Everything you need to know about the Stranger Things star.

Millie Bobby Brown has become a key figure on the small screen thanks to Stranger Things and here is everything you need to know about the young star.

Impossible to miss this angelic face and for good reason, Millie Bobby Brown is part of our ranking of stars that made us dream in 2019 including Chris Hemsworth or Emma Watson are part . Holding one of the main roles in the hit series Stranger Things , the young actress has managed to make a place for herself and has a very promising future. While we all know her on screen, especially in her interpretation of Eleven, this is an opportunity for the editor to focus on the life of Millie Bobby Brown and to discover without further ado what you should know about the star of the small screen.

Her Age

Although she looks like a young woman, Millie Bobby Brown is only 16 years old and the actress was born on February 19, 2004 in Marbella, Spain. On the occasion of her birthday last month, she also had a rant against all the haters on the Web accusing her of being too womanly compared to her age.

Her Size


Millie is 1m63 tall . However, being only a teenager and therefore still growing, she could still gain a few centimeters.

Her Love Life

While rumors said that the young actress frequented her playing partner Noah Schnapp, know that it is not and Millie Bobby Brown has also formalized her relationship with Joseph Robinson , a young English rugby player, at the beginning of the ‘year. As you can see, the two lovebirds seem very happy and we can only wish them that it lasts.

Her Passions

In an interview with Clozette at the end of 2019, Millie revealed her two passions outside of acting : “Fashion and music. Both allow me to express myself. I also like to do really fun and different styles with my hair and my make-up. I am young and I still discover myself. It is so important to express who we really are and to discover ourselves in order to be able to flourish and pursue our dreams. ”

Her Instagram Account

The 16-year-old actress is present on Instagram simply by the name of @milliebobbybrown and has no less than 32.1 million subscribers . A beautiful and loyal community that has the pleasure of following it every day.

Her Twitter Account

To follow Millie Bobby Brown on Twitter, it’s very simple and you can find her here: @Milliestopshate . The actress regularly posts messages of hope and encourages her fans to be kind to each other.

Her Business

Millie Bobby Brown has a double cap. In addition to being an actress, she is also a formidable businesswoman and has created her own brand of makeup and vegan creams under the name of Florence by mills which she regularly promotes on social networks. A young woman who, at only 16 years old, has come a long way!

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