Everything You Need to Know About Famous Publisher Ninja Thanks to Fortnite Tracker

Richard Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, speaks to the crowd at the start of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals - Round Two on July 27, 2019, at Arthur Ashe Stadium, in New York City. - On August 1, 2019 Ninja announced he was leaving Twitch to take his video-game livestreams exclusively on Microsofts streaming service: Mixer. (Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP) (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images)

We are telling the short story of the famous publisher Ninja, which has been growing with the game since the day Fortnite came out, and we take a close look at its Fortnite statistics.

Famous publisher Ninja is one of the best Fortnite players of all time. Playing Fortnite since the day it was released, Ninja also witnessed the game’s excellent rise closely. Ninja’s Fortnite performance was previously analyzed with different Fortnite trackers.

On the one hand, he made his publications and on the other hand developed Fortnite statistics. Millions of players of all ages watched the publications he organized on different platforms. What was written and drawn about who the different Ninja was before is not very focused on the success of Fortnite that brought it to these days. Let’s get to know Ninja by looking at Fortnite statistics.

Who is the Ninja?
Richard Tyler Blevins, who was born in Wales on June 5, 1991, began to have an extraordinary interest in games at a young age. His interest continued to increase exponentially when he discovered his father’s game collection.

Starting his professional acting career in 2009, Ninja participated in tournaments with various teams in Halo 3. These teams included Cloud9, Renegades, Team Liquid and Luminosity Gaming, which are also known in the esports world. He started broadcasting games with the advice of a friend in high school age.

Everything changed for Ninja, who saw that he could earn money by doing what he loved. He dropped out of school and decided to become a full-time publisher. He saw that other publisher friends spent time in Battle Royale games and joined them. Then he started playing the game of his life, perhaps with the release of Fortnite.

He left Twitch, where he achieved a worldwide reputation in his publishing career, and switched to the Mixer platform. Today, it continues to broadcast with games such as Call of Duty and Volorant together with Fortnite.

What kind of games do Ninja play?
Ninja, which mostly broadcasts with “shooter” games; Halo shows up in productions like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty and Volarant.

Ninja’s Fortnite stats:
According to current statistics, Ninja, who won 7.548 games, won 35.10% of the games he participated in with this number. Ninja, with a total of 132,870 killing scores, has a K / D ratio of 9.54. This shows that he eliminated about 10 opponents before he died in each game. It must be said that for Fortnite, it has a very high rate.

Having an aggressive playing style, Ninja constantly pushes its limits. If you are a new player, let’s point out that you are a player who is difficult to get a role model. After understanding the games like Fortnite, it is a better option to start taking Ninja and similar players as an example. Also, improving your own style instead of modeling a player is always the best way.

If you want to know more about Ninja’s Fortnite stats, you can check out his Fortnite Tracker profile. The best players in broadcasting in Turkey as well as Fortni a Ninja You can also check out the same site. You can even access your personal statistics in Fortnite via Fortnite Tracker.

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