Everything Julianne Hough Said about Her Next Chapter After Her Divorce from Brooks Laich


Without holding back. Julianne Hough spoke frankly about working on her happiness after parting with her husband Brooks Like.

Hough and Laich got married in July 2017 after four years of dating. The former couple sparked breakup rumors in 2020 when they quarantined separately during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then the former hockey player hinted that he was starting a “new stage” of his life.

“I feel that most of my life has been “tied” to certain identities that have emerged thanks to the sport that I have been engaged in all my life. Canadian, male, hockey player, disciplined, competitive, etc.,” he wrote on Instagram in January 2020. “And although I am all of these, they do not define me, and I am not bound by them. In 2020, I look forward to the opportunity to free myself from the old identity and enter a new chapter of my life.”

Later that year, the couple officially announced that they had separated after almost three years of marriage. “We have lovingly and carefully spent the time we needed to come to our decision to part ways,” they said in a joint statement in May 2020. hearts from there. We ask for your compassion and respect for our privacy in the future.”

[They] tried to separate from each other and solve any problems they encountered that annoyed them in their marriage,” the insider noted.

During the separation, Hough was seen spending time with Ben Barnes. A year after filing for divorce, the “Dancing with the Stars” graduate met lips with model Charlie Wilson, sparking rumors that the duo are more than friends.

Laich, for his part, officially registered on Instagram with Icelandic athlete Katrin Tanya Davidsdottir in August 2021.

In February 2022, the Us confirmed that Hough and Lauch had reached an agreement on the terms of the divorce. “The parties have entered into a written agreement on their property and rights to marriage or family partnership, including support, the original of which is or has been submitted to the court,” the court documents say.

Scroll down everything Hough said about life after divorce:

A look into the future
In September 2020, Hough shot a video clip for her song “Transform”, which tells about serious changes in her personal life.

“A year ago I released my song TRANSFORM and created this music video,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “I wrote this song during a drastic change in my life, when I put aside all my personal, social and religious conventions, finding compassion and empathy for ALL parts of myself, not just the “good” parts. I was about to release this video when suddenly the most tragic loss in my life happened. Time passed and I felt like I had missed my time to release this video.”

The Utah native hoped that fans would be able to “choose” how to live, “thanks to the courage and resilience that [they] innately have” inside themselves. “Personally, the past year has been the most difficult period in my life. Collectively, we are experiencing a global pandemic, extreme injustice, polarization, environmental destruction and an economic downturn that has contributed to the growth of anxiety, depression and fear among us.” she added. “This year has not been easy for anyone, and today this song sounds even more true than a year ago when I wrote it.”

Another perspective
During the divorce, Hough shared on social networks a mysterious quote from the writer Bianca Sparacino.

“The truth is that love exists much more than just a romantic partner. Love is all around you. And I hope you will learn to open your eyes to this. I hope that you will find love in all aspects of your life,” the November 2020 message reads. “I hope that you will find her among the sunrises and the smells of your favorite places. I hope you find it strained between the laughs you share with your friends.”

The quote continued: “I hope you will love growth and change, the mess and beauty of screwing up, making mistakes and becoming exactly who you want to be. I hope that you will find love in places that were once deprived of it, in places within yourself that you could have treated more gently and kindly in the past. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that love is much more than a boy or a girl holding your heart. Love is all around you. That’s all.”