Everything is ready for the arrival of Google Pixel 5


A few hours after the Google Pixel 5 is presented, we bring you all the information that is known about the next smartphone

Google’s Launch Night In event is almost to be held, and in which we hope that the news of the Pixel 5 will finally be revealed for everyone; Following the success of the Pixel 4a, Google’s next flagship already has many critics. Whether or not you like the image that has been created by the last few months of leaks, the idea for the next smartphone is practically complete.

Both real-world photos and versions of the upcoming Pixel 5 have been leaked, showing the smartphone in black and green from virtually every angle. Note that the photos are for a “Pixel 5s”, but based on what we know at this point, that name corresponds to the Pixel 5 or at least a version of the Pixel 5.

The industrial design is immediately identifiable as a Pixel, as it is very similar to the Pixel 4, last year’s Pixel 4a, or leaked versions of the Pixel 4a XL and Pixel 4a 5G. The physical configuration of the rear cameras seems practically unchanged compared to the Pixel 4, although the flash has been moved to the top and the cameras themselves may be modified.

Google Pixel 5 coming soon?

Google also seems to drop the Pixel 4’s sleek face unlock tech, going back to the back-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor, which is already more than proven.

The large, near-bezel-less display also means it likely won’t have Soli Motion Gestures. Although we do have one of those sleek, modern perforated front cameras, as is the case with the Pixel 4a, though, the Pixel 5 can also achieve perfect bezel symmetry, including the bottom.

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Details about the Pixel 5’s body have come into conflict, with some sources claiming that it will sport an all-aluminum design, while a hands-on person claimed it felt like plastic.

It is known that at the moment only one will be released despite the fact that earlier this spring, we thought that bramble could be a Pixel 5 XL, it has since been confirmed as the Pixel 4a 5G and according to the specifications, you could think of the Pixel 4a 5G as a larger and at the same time scaled-down version of the Pixel 5, as they share some internals, but Google puts the name in a different lineup, and the Pixel 5 stands alone.


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