“Everything I created was dark” — Billie Eilish Urges Fans to Consider Her Music Depressing And Compares Her Work With The Beatles And Lana Del Rey.


There are some artists who touch your soul just by an honest presentation of their art: they reflect the truth of human life, and therefore we can easily contact them. Billie Eilish is one of those artists. The young artist has become a favorite musician of young people, because she represents them through her music. However, she talked about some other people who find her music a little different. The singer Happier Than Ever spoke about her feelings about people’s comments about her music.

Eilish first attracted public attention in 2015 with her debut single Ocean Eyes. Since then, she has become a fan favorite and has always tried to make them feel special. However, there are those who found her music gloomy. Therefore, in a recent interview, she spoke about her feelings about these comments.

Billy Eilish’s music: dark and depressing?

There are many musicians who have created gloomy and depressive music at least once in their career. Despite this, the listeners loved and adored them. Now Eilish is also one of them. Although her music represents young people, some of them find her gloomy, depressive and sad. When asked about this, the singer found it strange because she sees her music differently. “It was amazing to me that people thought that everything I created was gloomy. I mean, it’s real,” the Bad Guy singer said.

Talking about it, she recalls the early stages of her career. Although the “Happier Than Ever” singer’s views differed from those of these people, she found it surprising. She also gave examples of The Beatles and their music. Lana Del Rey’s songs “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Yesterday” are also among the songs that Eilish sings.

Art means different things to each person. So they see it through their own lenses and interpret them accordingly. Since music is one of the best languages for conveying feelings, the seven-time Grammy Award winner conveyed her feelings and how she presents her music. What do you think about her music? Do you think so too, or do you have a different opinion on this? Let us know in the comment box below.


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